Case Study: Luxury Watch Box with Clamshell Box

We help an Australian customer custmize Logo Brand Watch Box


Our client is well-reputed for creating luxurious watches with different designs. They needed a classic packaging box that would impress at first glance. They were looking for a packaging solution that went beyond just keeping watches safe. Instead, it needed to play important presentation role that would prove worthwhile to watch collectors and passionate enthusiasts, even as it helped with higher sales.

The Challenge

With determination to maintain leading position as the most luxurious watch, our client new that they needed a good packaging that does the talking. They needed a packaging that would help allow consumers to instantly recognize.

For them, brand recognition as the most luxurious watch maker was something they were not willing to let go of. And this was a reasonable approach, considering that consistent branding is estimated to be one of the leading factor in increased sales. A product that maintains recognizable brand characterized by high-quality packaging has a higher chance of making the sale.

There was also the challenge of achieving a good packaging design that would not bruise watch display during transportation. Ensuring top-notch protection was one of the crucial requirements and special requests made by our client.

The Solution

At Luxury Custom Packaging, we understood our client’s requirement and delivered a packaging that gives their product the visibility that it deserves. As they say, luxurious watches are all about presentation. The solution we gave them helps customers to see the watch from every angle, enticing them to buy.

We were also about ensuring safety. That is where the concept of clamshell came in. the packaging designed and created ensures that the watch is protected from outside elements, thanks to this clamshell box idea.

As we help maintain an impressive first-hand encounter with the watch, we have also done all it takes not to compromise on quality of the watches. The product reaches the market without bruises and in the best quality, just as it was designed.

After receiving the first design, we have continued to make for them more clamshell boxes as business booms.

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