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Looking for quality slide open boxes, you’ve come to the right place. we are china’s slide open box manufacturers!

Your Slide Open Box Manufacturer In China

We have been creating customized slide open boxes for brands for over X years. From the design of the boxes to their construction, we know all the tricks and tips for creating the best quality stuff. With us, you get premium quality, nothing less.


Need just one slide open box or need a million? With us, you can get as few or as many as you want.

Quick Turnaround Time

Do you need your slide open boxes created urgently? We are slide open box suppliers equipped to handle such urgent production.

High Quality Printing

Your package’s print tells a story about your company. The better the quality, the better the story it tells. We make sure you get nothing less than the best.

Free Design Support

We make it our job to help you get the best slide open box designed for your business. Need some help with the customization process? We’re always here to help.

Free Sample

Would you prefer to get a sample of your slide open box before your order really starts getting processed? We have no problem with that! We can provide free samples on your orders.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Need help getting your slide open box customized? We have a customer support team always ready to help.

You Luxury Custom Packaging Manufacturer

Get Your Own Slide Open Box With Your Brand

Need a slide open box factory in China with a great reputation and trusted expertise? We are the slide open box manufacturers to choose.

Our Slide Open Box Gallery

To us, quality and beauty are everything. You can be sure that every single slide open box we design would not only be beautiful, but it would also be made of the best quality.

Classic Slide Open Boxes

Your classic slide open box with a bit of a customized touch, this box gives you the opportunity to fully customize your packaging while still retaining that trusted slide open box experience.

Fancy Slide Open Boxes

Built to impress, this slide open box is the perfect choice for individuals looking to add a luxurious touch to their packaging.

Sturdy Slide Open Boxes

Looking for a slide open box that is heavy duty and powerful? Our sturdy slide open box is what to go for.

Long Strap Slide Open Box

Built with that extra length of strap, here’s the most versatile slide open box in our collection.

How Slide Open Boxes Fit Your Brand?

Increased Storage Capability

Our slide open boxes are designed to be extremely roomy, affording you all the room you need to store whatever you might wish.

Fully Customizable

We design all our slide open boxes to be fully customizable allowing you the freedom to design them however you see fit for your brand and your needs.

Top Quality Materials

These boxes are made from nothing short of premium quality. From the materials we use to the print and even the glue, everything we use in creating your slide open boxes is top quality.

Maximum Product Protection

Our slide open boxes are designed to not just be fancy, but also solid and strong. With this kind of packaging, you can be sure that your products are safe and secured in a package your customers would love.

Free Design Support

We don’t just leave you to come up with an idea for your custom box yourself. We see you through the entire process.

Premium Crafted and Exquisite Rigid Boxes

We are China’s No. 1 slide open box factory. We have our reputation and values to uphold. Ours is an obligation to provide nothing short of premium quality slide open boxes on every order, ensuring that our boxes are nothing short of the best of the best.

Manufactured by Professionals

Every aspect of our box production is handled by experienced professionals. With us, you can be sure that whatever slide open box you get was created by one of the best hands in the industry.

Good Looking Interior, Solid Internal Structure

Every slide open box supplier knows that a slide open box shouldn’t just look good outside, it should also look good outside, it should also look good inside. Ours is a dedication to creating luxury slide open boxes that look fancy not just on the outside, but on the inside as well.

Unlimited Packaging Possibilities

Our slide open boxes are designed to be totally customizable, allowing them to be adjusted however to fit whatever packaging need your brand might have.

Customize Your Own Brand Slide Open Box Now

Only the idea? We, the rigid boxes factory can customize accordingly.

Creating the right slide open box for your brand is not a process that is easily done. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Still, we are the slide open box factory that makes it work.

Customize Your Own Brand Slide Open Box Now

Not sure what kind of luxury gift box or box design would best fit your design? Let’s help you create the perfect one from scratch.

Still no idea? Here More Slide Open Boxknowledge.

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