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Are you a perfume brand looking to get quality packaging for your perfumes? Our custom perfume boxes are exactly the kind of packaging your brand needs.

Your Custom Perfume Boxes Manufacturer In China

With over 7 years of experience and several hundreds of custom perfume boxes we have created over the years, we have all the experience and expertise needed in creating top-quality perfume boxes for you.

Why consider making us

Be Your Custom Perfume Boxes Manufacturer
When it comes to creating custom perfume boxes, we are China’s number one choice. From the quality of our machinery to the level of expertise our professionals offer, as well as the many positive policies.


We are a custom perfume box factory with a belief that you have the right to choose not just how you’d like your box to look, but also how many boxes you’d like to get. We do not put any limitations on the number of boxes you can request per order.

Quick Turnaround Time

Need a lot of custom perfume boxes created in a short period of time, we are a custom perfume boxes factory equipped to get the job done quickly, without reducing quality.

High Quality Printing

A piece of fabulous perfume deserves a package that is just as grand. We offer top-quality design and printing services on all our custom perfume boxes, the kind of print you can trust to retain its quality, even over several years.

Free Design Support

Having trouble coming up with a customized design on your own? You don’t need to. Our design support team is always available to put you through.

Free Sample

You might want to test out your chosen customized design before you really commit to creating your actual order. If so, you have nothing to worry about. We provide our clients with free samples on every order for this exact reason.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Our support is not limited to design alone. Need any help in any of the various stages in this creation process, our customer support team is always open to hearing you out.

You Luxury Custom Packaging Manufacturer

Get Your Own Custom Perfume Box With Your Brand

Need a tested and trusted custom perfume box factory in China with experience and expertise? We are the custom perfume box manufacturers to choose.

Our Custom Perfume Boxes Gallery

Ours is a dedication to providing fully customizable perfume boxes for your brand. Whatever custom perfume box design you would like to use, we are the right company for the job.

Classic Perfume Boxes

Built just like your regular perfume boxes, this box offers you complete customizability, letting you create a more unique perfume box from this classic template.

Luxury Perfume Boxes

Want a perfume box that screams luxury at the very first glance? This is the perfume box to go for.

Window Perfume Boxes

Would you like to give your perfume a bit more spotlight, even when in the box? This perfume box offers you that opportunity.

Exquisite Perfume Box

Looking for something more exquisite and unique? Here’s the best pick for you.

How Custom Perfume Boxes Fit Your Brand?

Fully Customizable

Our custom perfume boxes are built with the intention of being completely customizable. They are designed to be unique to you and can easily make adjustments to meet your needs.

Stunning Design

Our custom perfume boxes are designed to be just as stunning as the perfumes they contain.

Top Quality Materials

We make it our job to create our boxes from nothing but the best materials in the market.

Maximum Product Protection

Ours is a belief that packaging should offer quite the level of product protection, especially for luxurious products like premium quality perfumes. Our custom perfume boxes are created with this in mind and are designed to have a sturdy build, one that would ensure that your perfumes remain protected for as long as they need to.

Free Design Support

We are dedicated to providing you with the most stress-free experience. Our design support team is always available to see you through the customization process.

Premium Crafted and Exquisite Rigid Boxes

Our custom perfume boxes are all exquisitely crafted and designed to be nothing short of premium quality. We take extra care to ensure that the boxes come out looking stunning, hinting at the worth of the perfumes they contain.

Manufactured by Professionals

The production of our custom perfume boxes is handled by professionals from start to finish. With us, you can rest assured that what you get is nothing less than premium quality.

Good Looking Exterior, Solid Internal Structure

Our custom perfume boxes are designed to look just as good on the outside as they do on the inside, ensuring that every part of the box is perceived as beautiful and luxurious.

Unlimited Packaging Possibilities

Our custom perfume boxes are designed to be easily customized. Whatever shape, size, or style you would like these boxes to come in, if they can be designed, then we can create them.

Customize Your Own Brand Perfume Box Now

Only the idea? We, the rigid boxes factory can customize accordingly.

How We Work With You

We make it our job to provide you with the best quality custom perfume boxes money can buy. Ours is a belief that your perfume brand produces top-quality products. We, therefore, design your custom packaging to be just as top quality.


We begin creating your custom perfume boxes by designing them to fit your brand. We ensure our design fits your brand’s needs and specifications.

Prepare Materials

Once you have chosen your material, we then begin preparing the material for the molding process.

Settle Materials

Next, we decide what material would best suit your chosen design.

Shape Mould

After the material has been prepared for molding, we take it to the molding machine to begin the molding process. We always keep your brand’s needs and specifications in mind when molding so that whatever box we create would be a perfect fit for your brand.


Once the perfect mold has been created, we then begin printing on it. We only use the best printing technologies in the industry, so as to ensure that your printed box comes out as nothing less than premium quality.


Finally, we glue the finished product together to give you that luxurious custom perfume box you love so much.

Customize Your Own Brand Perfume Box Now

Not sure what kind of luxury gift box or box design would best fit your design? Let’s help you create the perfect one from scratch.

Still no idea? Here More One Piece Rigid knowledge.

A Perfumer box is a type of container often used for events purposes. These boxes by box manufactures in China company can be used for placing edible Perfumers or herbs for sake of plantation.


Custom perfumes helps making boxes for clients in gardening where space for planting is not enough.



Custom perfume box are one of the most traditional and common practice to share joy love happenings and care. custom perfumes is not just the boxes they talk about the feelings of the suppliers.


Personal hygiene

perfumes play a vital role in persona hygiene. This is a thing that everybody feels essential in daily care routine.



custom perfumes can be used in weeding events to make the events more satisfying and attractive.


Birthday Events

custom perfumes is a good option to decorate your event space with beautiful Perfumer boxes. This idea will add more glam to your personality that will build up joy and happiness.


Office set up

custom perfumes can be used as a beauty enhancer of your office table. perfume rest also gives positive energy to their surroundings where they are placed. No doubt custom perfumes has ability to make up your day full of energy and positivity.



You can give your love ones gift boxes to make them realize how important they are. Perfumers are always as symbol of love, happiness and friendship.


Custom perfumes is among the top priorities of suppliers and purchasers because of best quality.



If you are looking for some gathering and you want your setup to be unique filled with lots of positivity and beauty the custom perfumes will satisfy your desire.


Dinning with floral setup is lot more impressive and above that it feels natural environment.



As the Custom Perfume Box wholesale protected with secure custom perfume box fashion as properly with double wall tray that can protect your product at its high-quality.


Custom Perfume Box famous because of their sturdy feature and sturdy top rate exceptional material, which makes them awesome for packaging that China is delivering your product.


Additionally, custom perfumes Boxcar offer secure storage as properly the transportation. Not only quick loading however these boxes additionally offer relaxed storage and delivery.


Custom perfumes Boxcar be assembled or dissemble with easy steps.


figure 1: Custom perfume boxes design

Supplier knows that nicely eco-friendly packaging that China is delivering always stand out inside the market and the pleasant manner of boosting the income of the product, which ends up in more exposure. 


Manufacturer with properly-design from the expert manufacturer may even do the a good deal higher task than a number of the salesman to reinforce your income, as they’re completely practical.


Without compromising the brand photograph Custom Perfume Box offer lovely packaging that China is delivering in your emblem photo. Printings on these packing containers are low priced while maintaining the top rate pleasant. Custom Perfume Box also keeps the delivery manner as nicely because of their much less weight.

Custom Perfume Box famously using for medium to small packaging that China is delivering as these are in the main the use of for fragile products. Cardboard as well the paperboard of a high widespread material is using in containers of Manufacturer.


Even these are lightweight but nevertheless give the right protection to the product.


figure 2: Environment friendly custom perfume boxes

Yes, Manufacturer does offer free samples specifically for customers that are buying for the first time.


China apprehends the priority of consumers. Several producers are operating in the enterprise on-line, and every person claims to offer the pleasant product.


But Manufacturer knows once in a while it happens that you do not get what you've got ordered. It frustrates the customer that refund or go back is a fussy job. Meanwhile, the producer loses its credibility.

To keep away from any of those troubles, Custom perfume box, China offer a loose pattern. So whilst you e-book your order, our designers begin running on it. After production one piece of inflexible gift container, Supplier ships it for your delivery address.


Once you've got given superb nod, Manufacturer will manufacture your order and supply it on time.


E-commerce corporations are mostly the commercial enterprise without another presence in the international than virtual international. So, if a person desires to visit you or see your product, the handiest manner is your packaging that China is delivering. The inflexible gift packing by custom perfumes Boxes up for appealing customization to promote the e-commerce enterprise.


E-trade business needs printed packaging that China is delivering greater in order that:

  • With the help of Custom Perfume Box People become aware about your logo and your products. It allows booming customer engagement and improving the rank of your website.
  • Custom Perfume Box will increase target market engagement, you will get extra possibilities for consumer loyalty. Inflexible present boxes producers make sure which you get consumer loyalty and engagement in price effective way
  • Costumer will recognize about you and the product with the aid of reading the information about your product on the box that is designed by Custom perfume box. Manufacturer increases the credibility of your logo.


figure 3: Mid in weight custom perfume boxes

The primary aim of packaging that China is delivering is to protect the product form air, light, heat, cold, moisture, dust, dirt etc.


Furthermore, the packaging that China is delivering from Manufacturer together with the shipping case should protect the product form the hazards that the package would be exposed to during transport and handling.

Custom Perfume Box has various eye-catching template picks for you. If you're tired of the traditional designs our accomplished photographs crew can help you with a "creative die-reduce window field" art work.


We give its worth clients Free designing services. You may have your favored shapes, colorings, and sizes for the window containers without any die-cut or setup prices.


Custom perfumes Box bit hard in quality than others. Mostly used for attractive packaging that China is delivering. Supplier as a rigid boxes manufacturer is providing custom perfumes Boxing all custom sizes, shapes, and customizable designs.


figure 4: Sample of custom perfume boxes
Our one of a kind offerings encompass:


 Turnaround Time:

Custom perfumes Boxes desired via a multitude of agencies for its willpower to handing over the very fine at fastest turnaround time. Supplier usually ensure that your inventory receives printed earlier than the deadline and gets shipped within the time frame you have got mentioned.


Customer Care Centre: Manufacturer gives a 24/7 client care facility; our professional Call Representatives are available round the clock to address your queries and concerns regarding window field printing. Fuel your business correctly by first-rate packaging that China is delivering boxes from Custom perfume box.

Custom Perfume Box field come along side the tray and masking field styled cardboard that's accountable of providing assist and safety to the item.


Custom Perfume Box come along side the tray and covering container styled cardboard that is responsible of supplying aid and safety to the object.


figure 5: Quality custom perfume boxes

You can dress up any product with a custom packaging that China is delivering from Manufacturer. Given the truth that the custom perfume box can wrap round any product, it doesn’t count number the enterprise you’re in.


From pet merchandise, to cosmetics, toys and food, packaging that China is delivering custom perfume boxes are a great choice.



Custom Perfume Box creativity does not just quit with excessive fine. Supplier can also die-reduce a window in these boxes for your requirement.


Your product packaging that China is delivering designed by Custom Perfume Box will be extra prominent and your customers can have a look at your product without having to open the present field with custom perfume boxes and see what's inside. Manufacturer facilitates while you are using these boxes to show off your product at the presentations and shelves of your region.


Upon your requirement, Manufacturer custom prints those custom perfume box packing containers in one of a kind colors and textures. When you may show those boxes at the shelves; your customers will be greater appealed to them. This will bring about accelerated attention and therefore more sales.

Visit our Custom Shop of Custom perfume box to look the total variety of what Supplier must provide. Each custom packaging that China is delivering option has an unfastened and clean-to-use on-line fashion designer that’ll help you create appealing and unforgettable unboxing reports.


Don’t see what you’re searching out? Reach out to Supplier at

http://luxurycustompackaging that China is delivering.com/



figure 6:: Custom perfume boxes with custom packaging

Custom Perfume Box  with brand logo made in custom shapes, perfect sizes, and particular layouts are created within the given deadlines. Supplier uses the most first-class cardboard and recyclable Kraft substances inside the advent of these boxes.


In the case of design and product printing, Supplier positioned you on top positions among your competitors. The desire is exclusively yours.


With the assist of modern-day era, customize Custom Perfume Box imaginative images guarantee that the whole thing is feasible for your custom perfume box boxes, that you want custom perfume boxes monochromatic, boxes with outstanding color combinations and putting designs, or published custom perfume box boxes.


Custom Perfume Box deliver quite cheap and fully custom packing containers in any amount you need, whether or not it's a short-time period order or a wholesale quantity.

It varies with the aid of custom packaging that China is delivering choice, but in widespread; please sari your print-ready artwork with Custom Perfume Box this is as clean and high resolution as feasible.


Supplier strongly recommends vector paintings for custom tissue paper and custom branded containers.



Manufacturer offers paintings as speedy as feasible to produce your packaging that China is delivering. If you want your order to be delivered immediately there is no chance of modifications. If your order’s been positioned, it may be changed according to your requirements.


Please observe that custom packaging that China is delivering can’t be returned as this will cause loss to the company.


figure 7: Innovative design of custom perfume boxes

(1) According to Manufacturer Samples of existing paper tubes or bins are to be had at no cost.


(2) Prototypes/sample for custom gadgets by Supplier can be charged at price. But the expenses can be deducted from the mass order.


 (3) In either case, the client should pay transport price. Freight acquire provider is strongly recommended by Custom Perfume Box

Manufacturer accepts AI, CDR and high decision PDF.



Custom Perfume Box doesn’t have stock for any product, despite the fact that Supplier does reserve a few samples for each cargo.


All items are produced exactly based totally on patron orders.


figure 8: Custom perfume boxes in different sizes

Please inform Custom Perfume Box the favored container kind/shape, dimensions, quantities, print colors and floor treatment. If you are not certain of such facts, then please offer us the information of products the containers are meant to maintain.

The lead time of Custom Perfume Box by Supplier commonly 7-12 days after sample reputation and 30% strengthen payment. It depends at the order quantity and extra treatments concerned.



The most not unusual floor remedy techniques by Manufacturer include


  • Hot Stamping,
  • Matte/Glossy Lamination,
  • Embossing/Debossing and
  • UV Coating and so forth.



figure 9: Unique custom perfume boxes

The possible motives we'd typically behavior surface remedies for gift containers are, amongst others:


Protecting the print tint & luster.

Without proper finish, the ink is at risk of fade whilst uncovered to ultraviolet rays.


Prevent paper/cardboard Custom Perfume Box from spoiling by way of water.


Enhancing the brightness of gift packing containers.

Certain floor remedies would make the Custom Perfume Box preferred touch of gentle, matte or glossiness, and so forth.


Ink stains.

Boxes by China are vulnerable to ink stains from clean prints. Thus little coloration published by Manufacturer present containers could be matte laminated with the aid of default.

The maximum common surface remedies for present Custom Perfume Box encompass glossy/matte lamination, spot/flush UV coating, gold/silver foil stamping, embossing/debossing, sleek/matte varnish, and many others.


A gift box may be handled with one or several of them.

Yes, Manufacturer offers that you may select your length, cloth, and quantity on our loose 3D design tool to right away view a quote on your assignment.


As you upload paintings to China upload textual content, or coloration the heritage in every panel of the 3-d version, you may see your Unit Price update in real-time.

Custom Perfume Box provides a selection of packages so that it will choose from and personalize. Our Custom Perfume Box includes Shipping Boxes, Mailer Boxes, and Product Boxes.


Custom Perfume Box can be ordered in each inventory and custom sizes at low minimums. These container styles are perfect for either retail packaging that China is delivering or ecommerce deliveries.


Custom Perfume Box has Mailer Box and Shipping Box cardboard products are secure to mail, whilst our Product Box packages are supposed for display (or to be placed within a transport-safe field while dispatched out for delivery from China).


Get started out with Custom Perfume Box easy-to-use field fashion designer and create custom published packaging that China is delivering packing containers on your brand nowadays.

There are many methods to turn a simple custom perfume box field into the most desirable custom packing containers.


The Custom Perfume Box is exceptional sufficient to add elegance to a deceptively simple product. These containers can undergo the manufacturing phase in special sizes or shades relying on the type of things to be packed and the client's desire.

There are various methods which can make a fashionable Custom Perfume Box field appearance pretty. These options include offset printing and virtual printing, which make the custom perfume box stand out from the gang. Plus Custom Perfume Box offers you numerous custom perfume box containers finishing options, consisting of a smooth, matte end appearance.

Big names in the marketplace love the customization of cardboard containers on the market with silver or gold print. So, Custom Perfume Box is saving a large sum of money that they want to spend for profile-elevating purposes.   Custom Perfume Box delivered by China can be used at special occasions such as Christmas or even New Year. If you're looking for any company who can customize your custom perfume box as your choice so Manufacturer is best option to avail.  
figure 10: Branded custom perfume boxes

You see, that the means of custom packing containers defines this question. On our website, the mentioned field styles by China are common to the market. But for a new layout field, you need to offer the product’s information consists of the form and the dimensions customize Custom Perfume Box can make that for you.

Brand recognition is a critical part of any commercial enterprise’s marketing approach. The art of packaging that China is delivering is one of the only ways of generating repeat clients and developing logo loyalty. Manufacturer designs effective and captivating packaging that China is delivering that admires customers to buy again and again. This exercise will promote your brand and customers will start recognizing you as their first choice.

Manufacturer suggests a promising fashion packaging that China is delivering that will ensure customers to show greater involvement with your brand that will boost your sales to new heights. Packaging that China is delivering by supplier is eco friendly which bring a positive impression on customers.

Manufacturer tries to raise customer awareness by printing product specification and user manuals on packaging that China is delivering.


China factory makes sure that all the necessary information to operate the product is mentioned in simple manner that a layman can easily understand.


There is a slight difference between informing customer and overwhelming the scenario.  The packaging that China is delivering by Manufacturer makes sure to operate in friendly manner. Manufacturer assures you that your product will have unique identification from rest of your market competitors.

Packaging that China is delivering has very crucial part in building brand recognition. Manufacturer will provide you with the best feel of unboxing whether they are gifts or some other merchandise.


The versatile packaging that China is delivering by Manufacturer will make you pride and confident.

Behavior is greatly perceived by colors.  China after noticing this fact color combination made by Manufacturer is working just according to situation and nature of your business. For example during Christmas season red color is very demanding as it employs excitement, happenings and love.

Many products require being safe from environment hazards like food packaging that China is delivering requires extreme monitoring of temperature, humidity, rain, and direct sunshine.


Manufacturer will provide you confidence that your products are fully saved from dust humidity rain and sun.

Well, to select the satisfactory packaging that China is delivering boxes to your products roll end tuck front box want to make certain following simple things:


  • Quality cardboard utilized in production these packing containers.
  • Style and length, for the reason that more in shape your product may be inside the field, more it will likely be secured.
  • Ink quality for printed packing containers.
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