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These rigid boxes with handles are convenient packaging boxes, these boxes have a magnetic flap and are delivered in one piece. 

Your Best Rigid Box With Handle Manufacturer

We offer you the best premium brand, and shipping packages with our rigid box with handle manufacturers highly experienced in manufacturing the best rigid box with handle made perfectly just for you.

Rigid Boxes With Handle are easily transported with it two made handles, making them durable and serving as a bag and mobile boxes for your product. It comes with a high-end innovation for an easy and absolute customized option.

Why consider making us

Be Your Rigid Box With Handle Manufacturer
As the leading rigid box with handle manufacturer and supplier in China, we are the best option for you to choose. There are plenty of reasons why we stand out among our competitors and why you should choose us to manufacture your rigid box with handle.


When it comes to producing custom shipping packaging, there are no limits on how many boxes you can order to be produced for you.

Quick Turnaround Time

We waste no time after you have made an order as our professional team will start work on it immediately to ensure timely delivery.

High Quality Printing

We manufacture high-quality printed rigid boxes with handles using the best quality materials.

Free Design Support

Our professional staff provides free designs to help you decide when choosing your preferred rigid box with handle designs.

Free Sample

There are different samples provided to give you the perfect match for your rigid box with handle will be.

Top-Notch Customer Service

You can reach us through our various customer service channels, which are available 24/7 for all your needs and inquiries.

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Get Your Own Rigid Box With Handle With Your Brand

Our Rigid Box With Handle Gallery

Our Rigid boxes with handle are available in different shapes, designs, and color, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for any gift.

Leather Handle Rigid Box

This rigid box is made with a leather strap handle that provides elegance to your product.

Plastic Handle Rigid Box

Rigid boxes with plastic handles provide a different feel and look for your product, making it easier and more convenient to handle

Fancy Handle Boxes

Fancy handles provide you with the best handling and comfort experience.

Cardboard Handle Rigid box

Enhance the look and feel of your products with a classically styled fabric handle rigid box.

How Our Rigid Box With Handle Fits Your Brand?

Solid Structure

Our Rigid boxes with handles are made firm with solid in and out structure making them fit your business needs.

Product Protection

Our Rigid boxes with handles are made strong and firm to protect your product and delivered in the good and same shape as produced.

Aesthetic Appearance

Our Rigid boxes with handles are classic and add quality to your product. This makes it attractive to the customer.

Easy To Handle

The handle provided in these boxes makes it easy to move and carry around conveniently, giving you the feel of luxury.

Enhances The Quality of Your Product

Provided with the handles makes it fashionable and gives it a luxurious appearance. This enhances the quality of the product.

The Rigid Box With Handles For Your Products

We offer the best Rigid boxes with handles with classic and quality designs, provided with different features to give your product an extravagant look. We are known to be the best rigid box with handle manufacturer in china.

Aesthetic Rigid Box With Handle

Provided with vibrant color digital printing that shows your brand and its product, using the best artwork and graphics photo to impress your customers and beat your competitors with no extra fee attached.

Trusted Rigid Box With Handle

Our rigid box with handles provides you the security and safety that your product needs, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about damage.

Low-Cost Rigid Box With Handles

Getting more with less has never been this easy with our low-cost, rigid box with a handle. Want to save more? Then choose us.

So whether you’re designing rigid boxes with handles with your logo or without it, you can be sure that we’ve got you covered in all areas. Contact us today to get started.

Customize Your Own Brand Rigid Box With Handle Now

Only the idea? We, the rigid boxes’ factory, can customize accordingly.

How We Work With You

We offer you the best Rigid Box With Handle manufactured by our Rigid Box With Handle manufacturing factory with the highest quality and industry-standard practices. This includes:


Pick your desired design or one of our custom designs

Prepare Materials

Once you have chosen a material, we begin preparing it for the molding process.

Settle Materials

Selection of the materials for your rigid box with handle.

Shape Mould

Next, we mark your preferred shapes according to your design choices.


We print on your rigid box with handle according to your choice.


After printing, your rigid box with handle will be glued with hand or a machine to suit your use.

Customize Your Own Brand Rigid Box With Handle Now

We’re here to help you with the best Rigid Box With Handles that’ll add value to your brand or business.

Still no idea? Here More Rigid Box With Handle knowledge.

Rigid Box With Handle is simplest glued to one flap and, like folding bins, are usually added flat. The packaging being supplied by China by Rigid Box With Handle is elliptical and when folded up resembles a Rigid Box With Handle, subsequently the call Rigid Box With Handle container or Rigid Box With Handle packaging being supplied by China.

The curved form gives them an elegant look and stands proud definitely from trendy packaging being supplied by China. The durable material is being used by manufacturer that assures the protection of your product. Various finishes inclusive of blind embossing or hot foil embossing are of direction also feasible in here in Rigid Box With Handle Box.

The Rigid Box With Handle is glued with most effective one longitudinal seam.


In addition to cost savings, this additionally has an advantage in terms of storage. The Rigid Box With Handle are added flat and consequently space-saving at the identical time and might therefore additionally be stored.


Since Supplier designed the Rigid Box With Handle in a way that can generally be opened and closed from both aspects, the container may be used in a selection of methods. At the identical time, the curved ends make sure a relaxed closure without the need for added fastening.



Whether as rings packaging being supplied by China, beauty packaging being supplied by China or as a provider-away at events and trade fairs – Rigid Box With Handle is visually attractive, effective and uncommon.


Printed Rigid Box With Handle boxes by Rigid Box With Handle are also frequently used as packaging being supplied by China for garb or first rate sample packaging being supplied by China.


However, Rigid Box With Handle is great referred to as packaging being supplied by China for glasses. Rigid Box With Handle is likewise perfect to offer as a gift at special occasions. Well, putting tea of different flavors, candies, sweets, cookies, seeds, jewelry or another small present inner. Manufacturer deals their packaging being supplied by China with seals and locks that save you tampering and supplier gives your packaging being supplied by China a touch of integrity.



The construction of a Rigid Box With Handle is very simple. Only 2 pages are glued together the use of an adhesive flap. The two wings on each aspect are then folded inwards and the self-made Rigid Box With Handle is ready.  Manufacturer can display instructions explaining a way to installation and use the product.


Showing crucial data concerning the product enables control customer expectancies and promotes client pleasure.



Numerous types of cardboard can be used for revealed or unprinted Rigid Box With Handle boxes. From extraordinary duplex cardboard or first-class white cardboard to corrugate cardboard the motive of Rigid Box With Handle determines the choice of material.


As well-known, Rigid Box With Handle use tremendous gray cardboard for the Rigid Box With Handle field. This cardboard coated on one side has a smooth white surface; the opposite facet is uncoated and matt. The primary cause of China’s purpose is keep your product shielded from defaming and rupturing.



figure 1: Rigid box with handle

The benefits of Rigid Box With Handle are the high stability and high-quality boxes with regard to the printing. The process ability of the card while punching, creasing and folding is extremely crucial.


Here the duplex cardboard or, if the high-quality requirements are even higher, the duplex cardboard for the Rigid Box With Handle is the proper desire of manufacturer.



The printing of Rigid Box With Handle may be finished with special printing approaches. If you need to print quick and cost effectively, but still in high great, you may have your revealed Rigid Box With Handle container digitally published.


For larger runs, offset printing is in the main motive of Rigid Box With Handle Box. The desire of cardboard kinds and hues is sort of unlimited. The printing ranges of manufacturer machines offer widespread four-color printing to finish unique coloration manufacturing.



figure 2: Rigid box with handle in different styles

Retail Rigid Box With Handle may be cheap or costly it relies upon at the first-class and manufacturing value of your product. Manufacturer believes that there isn't any want to spend plenty on the containers you just ought to make the right decisions. China always delivers up to the mark supply.  


Rigid Box With Handle boxes enquire specialists about packaging being supplied by China containers wholesale and their fee with the product you wish to promote correctly.


Do now not hesitate in asking all of the essential questions from Rigid Box With Handle boxes earlier than deciding on manufacturer packaging being supplied by China supplier because if you made mistakes on this area of marketing, other efforts can even cross in useless.


The following factors have an effect on the rate of the Rigid Box With Handle Box:


  • Size / format
  • Type of printing at the container
  • Type of cardboard used
  • Use of finishing
  • Rigid Box With Handle is made with cardboard; the raw material for the cardboard is coming from the environment and really plenty ample, so that you are going to get a totally reasonably-priced answer on your packing.
  • You can use that Rigid Box With Handle over and over, so it's going to keep plenty of money you're going to spend at the packaging being supplied by China.


  • You can also print Rigid Box With Handle with the fine designs provided by using the rapid packing.
  • Rigid Box With Handle provides these boxes with all types of protection functions; these packing containers are durable, lengthy-lasting, and dependable.


  • You can dump Rigid Box With Handle effortlessly; you don't need to waste any more electricity on dumping those types of packaging being supplied by China.


  • Rigid Box With Handle provides a unique cut price that orders green packaging being supplied by China.


  • You can also order the high-quality shipping packing containers made from eco-friendly fabric. This fabric is robust sufficient to carry plenty of weight over the kilometers of distance.


  • Packaging being supplied by China by Manufacturer is eco friendly which bring a positive impression on customers. China always keeps a close eye on environment friendly products to protect environment.


You have no items in your shopping cart. Rigid Box With Handle is an excellent choice for scarves, jewelry, lingerie, small gifts, or candy.


Rigid Box With Handle also has a selection of large pouch-shaped boxes for items such as apparel. They are made with curved flaps on the sides, that when folded in, open the box up to shape the pouch.


Manufacturer keeps in mind to provide maximum space for the products to be packed.



Keeping the budget low is one among the biggest targets of Rigid Box With Handle packaging being supplied by China.


Rigid Box With Handle is one of the handiest packaging being supplied by China solutions. Irrespective 0f Manufacturer specialized capabilities, the usage of them as custom containers allow you to in meeting packaging being supplied by China requirements without disturbing your budget.


Rigid Box With Handle is made from cardboard that's one of the maximum cost-powerful substances. It is with ease available as it's far crafted from natural materials. Its capability of Manufacturer to recycle adds to its benefit.


Rigid Box With Handle is clean to make by using a sheet of cardboard and transparent plastic film. You can make them to your perfume packaging being supplied by China at a smaller scale or for person use. China always put serious manner in hygienic environment so that production by Manufacturer and delivery by supplier can also proceed in healthy environment.



figure 3: Rigid box with handle with your logo

The first principle of Rigid Box With Handle is to layout a container which suits the product and provides full functionality.


Besides keeping the box, custom these containers additionally protect the product and allow the clean use or dealing with. The Manufacturer container also booms the visual enchantment of fragrance and helps it to face out on cabinets.


Due to ease of show and longer shelf life, Rigid Box With Handle is an excellent desire for retailers Manufacturer additionally make your product recognizable with consistent design.

Increase Sales with the aid of Endorsing your Brand:


One of the largest advantages of using Rigid Box With Handle is its ability to recommend your emblem amongst some of comparable services. Rigid Box With Handle is a proven tactic to increase the sales of your merchandise.


Designing the Rigid Box With Handle attractively is a superb way to put it on the market your logo. Now you want no longer to spend masses of dollar on wearing out promotional campaigns.


Wherever your packaging being supplied by China goes, it speaks for its identity. High quality printing with captivating art work and enticing brand can make your meals brand recognizable among a number of human beings.  Rigid Box With Handle also permits you to print beneficial information approximately the product and its manufacturer.


For instance within the case eye shadow or different similar jewelry and cosmetics items from Rigid Box With Handle Box, you may print substances, manufactures labels, production and expiry dates.  If the customers get privy to diverse aspects of your merchandise before its purchase, it increases their pride degree and loyalty toward your logo. The end result is repetitive sales and long time relationship with the customers.


Manufacturer offers printed diagrams on your order packaging being supplied by China so that customer can get the idea related to product at very first look

  1. Open choice of material

Materials used to make Rigid Box With Handle are eco-friendly at the same time as some substances have other qualities like lightweight, superb sturdiness or long existence and so forth. Rigid Box With Handle typically used materials cardboard and Kraft is both eco-friendly and clean to hold.


Box manufacturer guarantee you to provide such secure and reliable packaging being supplied by China that will produce satisfactory results.


These properties of substances used by manufacturer make the packing containers capable of use for the long term and additionally may be reused. Rigid Box With Handle light-weight assets enables in trading and delivery whilst loading and lifting the packing containers. More than that, manufacturer also makes it possible so that boxes can also be revealed in different designs and styles.


You can do an exceptional form of art work to lead them to extra wonderful. So using these two best materials for the producing of Rigid Box With Handle can offer many advantages and in addition they increase the satisfactory of the programs.


  1. Convenience and much less material used

Rigid Box With Handle is fine to keep the cash and put it to use inside the manufacturing of merchandise. The low cost of programs also causes a discount within the promoting rate of the products. Thus it relieves the customers too.



figure 4: Affordable rigid box with handle

Yes, manufacturer does offer free samples specifically for customers that are buying for the first time.


Rigid Box With Handle apprehends the priority of consumers. Several producers are operating in the enterprise on-line, and every person claims to offer the pleasant product.


But manufacturer knows that once in a while it happens that you do not get what you've got ordered. It frustrates the customer that refund or go back is a fussy job. Meanwhile, the producer loses its credibility.

To keep away from any of those troubles, manufacturer offer a loose pattern.


So whilst you e-book your order, our designers begin running on it. After production one piece of inflexible gift container, supplier ships it on your delivery address. Once you've got given superb nod, the Rigid Box With Handle will manufacture your order and supply it on time.

Manufacturer presently stock 20 extraordinary field sizes to assist reduce the dimensional weight of our customers’ shipments. Manufacturer additionally has multiple sizes of paper envelopes to assist cut down on real weight.



Supplier offers inventory and custom packaging presented by China to everybody that desires it.   Supplier offerings are particularly useful for e-commerce companies and those whose packaging presented by China desires are constantly evolving.  
figure 5: Unique rigid box with handle

Rigid Box With Handle boxes is a company that is highly concerned with eco friendly environment As part of efforts Rigid Box With Handle to be eco friendly environment manufacturer limit our paper usage, manufacturer don’t produce physical catalogs. Manufacturer have designed website for all such requirements.


However, while purchasing at the site by Rigid Box With Handle boxes, you’ll see the Search bar inside the header on every web page.

Yes, manufacturer does! Visit our Custom Boxes web page to examine greater.



Visit manufacturer Custom Shop of Rigid Box With Handle to look the total variety of what manufacturer must provide. Each custom packaging presented by China option has an unfastened and clean-to-use on-line fashion designer that’ll help you create appealing and unforgettable unboxing reports.


Don’t see what you’re searching out? Reach out to supplier at

http://luxurycustompackaging presented by China.com/

Every custom packaging presented by China option lists a lead time on its touchdown web page, while in checkout and on your order affirmation e mail.


Please note that commercial enterprise days of Rigid Box With Handle don’t consist of weekends or holidays, and we’re not able to expedite lead instances. If you’re custom packaging presented by China calls for new art work or correction, its lead time also can be affected.


Once your packaging presented by China is prepared to move, you’ll usually receive an e-mail notification together with your order info and tracking records from manufacturer.



figure 6: Eye catching rigid box with handle

(1) manufacturer ensures that Samples of existing paper tubes or bins are to be had at no cost.


(2) Prototypes/sample for custom gadgets by supplier can be charged at price. But the expenses can be deducted from the mass order.


 (3) In either case, the client should pay transport price. Freight acquire provider is strongly recommended by manufacturer.

Manufacturer accepts AI, CDR and high decision PDF.

Supplier doesn’t have stock for any product, despite the fact that manufacturer do reserve a few samples for each cargo. All items are produced by manufacturer exactly based totally on patron orders.

Please inform manufacturer the favored container kind/shape, dimensions, quantities, print colors and floor treatment. If you are not certain of such facts, then please offer manufacturer the information of products the containers are meant to maintain.  
figure 7: Rigid box with handle in custom packaging

The lead time by manufacturer is commonly 7-12 days after sample reputation and 30% strengthen payment. It depends at the order quantity and extra treatments concerned. China always delivers you in the given time frame.



 The most usual floor remedy techniques by manufacturer include


  • Hot Stamping,
  • Matte/Glossy Lamination,
  • Embossing/Debossing and
  • UV Coating and so forth.

The possible motives of Rigid Box With Handle typically behavior surface remedies for gift containers are, amongst others:


  • Protecting the print tint & luster.


Manufacturer believes that without proper finish, the ink is at risk of fade whilst uncovered to ultraviolet rays.


  • Water-proofers.


Prevent paper/cardboard packing containers from spoiling by way of water.


  • Enhancing the brightness of gift packing containers.


Certain floor remedies by supplier would make the containers a preferred touch of gentle, matte or glossiness, and so forth.


  • Ink stains.


Boxes are vulnerable to ink stains from clean prints. Thus a few coloration published by manufacturer presents containers could be matte laminated with the aid of default.

The maximum common surface remedies by manufacturer for Rigid Box With Handle encompass glossy/matte lamination, spot/flush UV coating, gold/silver foil stamping, embossing/debossing, sleek/matte varnish, and many others.   A gift box may be handled with one or several of them.  
figure 8: Quality rigid box with handle

Well, to select the satisfactory packaging presented by China boxes from Rigid Box With Handle to your s want to make certain following simple things:


  • Quality cardboard utilized in production these packing containers.
  • Style and length, for the reason that more in shape your product may be inside the field, more it will likely be secured.
  • Ink quality for printed packing containers.
There are many methods to turn a simple Rigid Box With Handle field into the most desirable custom packing containers.   Manufacturer is exceptionally sufficient to add elegance to a deceptively simple product. These containers can undergo the manufacturing phase in special sizes or shades relying on the type of things to be packed and the client's desire.  
figure 9: Best rigid box with handle

There are various methods which can make a fashion Rigid Box With Handle field appearance pretty. These options include offset printing and virtual printing, which make the Rigid Box With Handle box stand out from the gang. Plus manufacturer offers you numerous Rigid Box With Handle containers finishing options, consisting of a smooth, matte end appearance.

Big names in the marketplace love the customization of cardboard containers on the market with silver or gold print. So, manufacturer is saving a large sum of money that they want to spend for profile-elevating purposes.   Rigid Box With Handle can customize the Rigid Box With Handle containers by way of the usage of issues to suit special occasions such as Christmas or even New Year. If you're looking for any person who can customize your Rigid Box With Handle as you want and on time, then you may trust our business enterprise i.e. China.    
figure 10: Protective rigid box with handle
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