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We provide sleeve and tray boxes that are attractively made for you according to your specifications. we employ the services available as China’s best suppliers to deliver you attractive and long-lasting sleeve and tray boxes.

Your Sleeve and Tray Box Manufacturer in China

Sleeve and Tray Boxes are the solution to your requirement for eye-catching packaging that encourages customers to utilize it to safeguard their goods. These Sleeve and Tray Boxes may be bent and modified to match the shape of your products while still being safe and attractive.

Our Sleeve and Tray Box specialists are available to assist you with your orders at any time. They fill out your criteria and strive diligently to satisfy them so you can receive the most value from your purchases.


Get custom printed Sleeve and tray style packing boxes for retail products. The most popular among the brands are our lovely Sleeve and Tray Boxes, which have no minimum order quantity.

Quick Turnaround Time

We will answer to your queries as fast as possible, and we will accept rush orders for any items required to finish your Sleeve and Tray Boxes.

High Quality Printing

We provide high-quality sleeve and tray packing boxes. We use high-quality colour schemes to create noticeable and appealing Sleeve and Tray Boxes.

Free Design Support

We will send printed Sleeve and Tray Boxes to your home at a reasonable price. Our creative packaging services will not be charged to you.

Free Sample

We can also send you free samples of our Sleeve and Tray Boxes so you can try them out.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Top-notch customer service and skilled Call Sales Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions about bespoke Sleeve and Tray Boxes.

You Perfect Custom Folding Carton Packaging Partner

Customize Your Own Sleeve and Tray Box With Your Brand

Our Sleeve and Tray Box Gallery

Our Sleeve and Tray Boxes Gallery has a wide variety of designs and textures for each sort of goods, all of which are offered at incredibly low rates and made of high-quality materials. Our packaging was designed with the objective of ensuring the safety of your goods. You may ask for any specific item and expect a unique and fresh Sleeve and Tray Box Design in response.

Simple Sleeve & Tray Box

Are you seeking for eye-catching Sleeve and Tray Boxes to enhance the aesthetic of your gift? We offer high-quality Sleeve and Tray Boxes in small and large sizes at unbeatably low prices.

Sleeve & Tray Box With Divides

Our lightweight Sleeve and Tray Boxes are available in a range of sizes and colours at a cheap cost.

Fancy Sleeve & Tray Box

Our structural designers are constantly working to come up with new concepts for you. Our Sleeve and Tray Boxes offer a strong and long-lasting foundation that ensures the protection of your product.

Printed Sleeve & Tray Box

You can get help from our creative design team if you don’t have a design for your Sleeve and Tray Boxes. It’s a wonderful opportunity to have bespoke Sleeve and Tray Boxes for a reasonable price and high quality.

How Sleeve and Tray Boxe Fit Your Brand?

Multiple line of options

For packing, gifting, and other uses, choose from a variety of stylish and colorful bespoke Sleeve and Tray Boxes. There are numerous appealing packaging options to select from, with a wide range of designs and sizes.

Sole Style

Our Sleeve and Tray Boxes come in a number of styles and may be used for a wide range of items. And these Sleeve and Tray Boxes will keep your belongings safe.

No parted Sides

Your Product will fit tightly into our Sleeve and Tray Boxes and have a more intense exterior look, which will increase safety in the event of a long-distance delivery.

Clean design

The simple and appealing architectural form of the Sleeve and Tray Box gives it an ideal display for your items.

Expert manufacturers

Our extensive Sleeve and Tray Box manufacturing capacity provides high-quality packaging with distinct and appealing designs.

Premium Sleeve and Tray Boxes

Take advantage of this low-cost opportunity to get the greatest design and high quality Sleeve and Tray Boxes from China’s leading suppliers. Our Sleeve and Tray Boxes are produced from high-quality materials and are attractive and comfortable for you.

Best Sleeve and Tray Boxes Manufacturer

We have years of expertise as a sleeve and tray box maker. We think beyond the box to create Sleeve and Tray Boxes you won’t be able to put down. For all of our customers, we offer free custom design, a selection of sizes, and a rapid turnaround.

Great Exterior and interior Structure Sleeve and Tray Boxes

The stunning exterior look of the correctly constructed Sleeves and Trays in a decent and elegant design is the tempting attraction of our Sleeve and Tray Boxes. They are easily adaptable to your requirements.

Unlimited Sleeve and Tray Boxes Packaging Possibilities

We provide a variety of packing options, and our experts will make sure you have the finest Sleeve and Tray Box delivered to your home. The options for Sleeve and Tray Boxes are almost infinite, allowing you to have a Sleeve and Tray Box that is as personalized as possible and that fits your best for the items of your choice.

Customize Your Own Brand Sleeve and Tray Box Now

Our creative team would love to work with you to create a one-of-a-kind Sleeve and Tray Box for your product.

How We Work With You

Our company’s reputation was created by spending years working out the best packaging for a variety of products. As one of China’s leading suppliers, we offer a wide selection of Sleeve and Tray Boxes to our customers.

More Our Factory's Capacity

Start custom design

When placing a customized order for any product You can pick a certain product or logo to include in the Sleeve and Tray Box order.

Multiple options

As the top supplier in China, we offer a broad range of packaging covers and solutions for all of your products, regardless of their nature. Give us an email and we’ll send you a sample.


Visit our official website and place your order to get your sleeve and tray box.

Customize Your Own Brand Sleeve and Tray Box Now

On our Sleeve and Tray Boxes, you may pick your own design logo for your product line and quickly reach a bigger audience.

Still no idea? Here More Sleeve and Tray Box knowledge.

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