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Custom gift boxes are used for a wide range of packaging purposes. These boxes assure to stay things safe and secure while also used as a brand promotion tool for a business.

Your Custom Gift Box in China

More and more people are choosing to send gifts to their loved ones in custom gift boxes. Special designs on custom gift boxes can appease others on special occasions. Regardless of the product’s dimensions, we’ll manufacture them to fit just perfectly, so it adds value and elegance to your gift.

We are unarguably the best custom gift box manufacturer and supplier in China, we have years of experience in manufacturing branded custom gift boxes. No matter what gift you’re sending in your custom gift box, we’ll design a box that specially fits your gift needs.


There are no restrictions on the number of orders you can place. We’ll handle your entire custom gift box project-no matter how small or big it appears.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time is swift, ensuring that you get your custom gift box without any delay.

High Quality Printing

Rest assured that you’ll only get the best quality printed custom gift box manufactured for you.

Free Design Support

With our free design support, you’ll be put through the designs available and the right designs for your gift to help you make informed choices.

Free Sample

The free sample will help you know what your final custom gift box would look like.

Top-Notch Customer Service

If you have any inquiries before, during, or after production, you can reach out to our customer service team, who are always available to serve you.

You Luxury Custom Packaging Manufacturer

Get Your Own Custom Gift Box With Your Brand

Our custom gift boxes are available in different shapes, designs, and color, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for any gift.

Our Custom Gift Box Gallery Gallery

There are different types of boxes used for different packaging products. Choosing the proper custom gift box depends on the type of box, budget, and type of gift to be packaged.

Gift Box With Hinged Flip Lid

Gift box designed with a flip lid for easy and convenient handling for all your gift items.

Rigid Slipcase Gift Box

Elegant and luxurious rigid slipcase gift box for all luxurious gift items, with adequate protection and security.

Clamshell Box

This gift box provides a classic feel for your gift and offers adequate protection for your gifts.

Book Style Gift Box

This is a unique and amazing gift box with a beautiful design that adds to the feel and aesthetics of your gift.

How Our Custom Gift Box Fits Your Brand?

Efficient Shipping

Custom gift boxes are great options as they can be easily shipped. So unlike other packaging boxes, they're easy to move. They also incur less cost as they take less space while being shipped.

Increased Gift Value

Many people don't use custom gift boxes for sending gifts because they believe that custom gift boxes are expensive. However, custom gift boxes offer greater value for your gift due to their amazing build and sturdiness. They are also attractive and pleasing, justifying their prices.


Custom gift boxes play a vital role in giving your customers or loved ones a great first impression when you deliver the gifts to them. Custom gift boxes are made from multiple layers of paperboard that help create strong protection and offer excellent rigidity and durability.

Easy Storage

Besides being easy to ship, custom gift boxes are also are very convenient for storing. The paper used in making custom gift boxes doesn't weigh much; this means these boxes take up less space, and hence you'll spend on storage.

Product Protection

Our custom gift boxes offers your gift items efficient protection you can trust. This ensures that your items get to their intended destination without any damage or whatsoever to it.

The Best Custom Gift Boxes For All Your Products

Want the best? Get the best with our exquisite and quality designed custom gift box that gives your gift a look and feel of luxury. We’re known as the best custom gift box manufacturer in China.

Better Aesthetics

A beautiful gift packaged in a beautiful custom gift box will surely wow whoever is at the receiving end of such a gift. Custom gift boxes provide even better aesthetics for your gift.

Custom Gift Box Made Just For You

Our custom gift boxes are available in different shapes, designs, and color, ensuring that there’s a perfect fit for any gift.

Custom gift boxes come in attractive and innovative designs made specially just for you.

Budget-Friendly Custom Gift Box

One reason people don’t choose custom gift boxes is their prices; however, you do not have to break the bank to get custom gift boxes as we offer you custom gift boxes at the best prices.

Customize Your Own Brand Custom Gift Box Now

Only the idea? We, the rigid boxes factory can customize accordingly.

How We Work With You

Find out how we work with you to produce the best quality gift box for you. Read on below:

Customize Your Own Brand Custom Gift Box

Do you have a new idea or project? Feel free to contact us, and let’s help you bring it to perfection. Get in touch with us today to book a free consultation for your custom gift box, and learn how the proper and attractive product packaging can help drive sales and give your brand a competitive edge.

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