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Are you a jewelry brand looking to get quality packaging for your products, or are you just looking for a jewelry gift box? Our custom jewelry boxes are the perfect packaging for your brand.

Your Best Custom Jewelry Box Manufacturer In China

We are a company with over six years of experience in the creation of customized jewelry boxes. From the package design to the box construction and printing, our custom jewelry box factory has all the experts and equipment needed to help you create the perfect customized box for your jewelry brand.

Why consider making us

Be Your Custom Jewelry Boxes Manufacturer
When it comes to creating custom jewelry boxes, we are one of the best luxury box manufacturers the world has to offer. We don’t just help you customize your jewelry boxes, we ensure that the process is as seamless and stress-free as possible for you.


How many custom jewelry boxes would you like to have us supply? One? A thousand? We don’t place any limits on your order! Whatever the quantity you’d like to have created, we are always willing to get the job done.

Quick Turnaround Time

Need a lot of custom jewelry boxes created in a short period of time, we are a custom jewelry boxes factory equipped to get the job done quickly, without reducing quality.

High Quality Printing

A piece of fabulous jewelry deserves a package that is just as grand. We offer top-quality design and printing services on all our custom jewelry boxes, the kind of print you can trust to retain its quality, even over several years.

Free Design Support

ustomizing a package for your brand is not an easy one. It doesn’t have to stress you out either. We are a custom jewelry factory that provides design support to our customers, ensuring that you have a seamless experience.

Free Sample

Want to see what your custom jewelry boxes would look like before you begin mass producing them? No worries. We offer our customers one free sample on each order.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Need help getting your custom jewelry box completed? We have our customer support team on standby, always ready to help.

You Luxury Custom Packaging Manufacturer

Get Your Own Custom Jewelry Box With Your Brand

Need a tested and trusted custom jewelry box factory in China with experience and expertise? We are the custom jewelry box manufacturers to choose.

Browse Our Custom Jewelry Box Gallery

Ours is a dedication to providing fully customizable jewelry boxes for your brand. Whatever custom jewelry box design you would like to use, we are the right company for the job.

Classic Jewelry Box

Built like your classic jewelry box, this packaging provides the highest freedom of customization in this collection.

Grand Jewelry Box

Looking for a jewelry packaging that would give room for the jewelry to showcase itself? Then our window jewelry boxes are the right choice for you.

Fancy Collapsible Boxes

Need something really special to package your really expensive jewelry? This box features additional cushioning that ensures that your jewelry remains safe and protected.

Luxury Jewelry Box

In need of packaging for little jewelries like necklaces, bracelets, and rings? This is your camera.

How Custom Jewelry Boxes Fits Your Brand?

Fully Customizable

Our custom jewelry boxes are exactly what they sound like ─ completely customizable. We design these boxes to be completely unique to you and can easily make adjustments to meet your needs.

Stunning Design

Our custom jewelry boxes are designed to be just as stunning as the jewelries they contain.

Top Quality Materials

We make our custom boxes from the best of the best materials ensuring they come out as products you can truly be proud of.

Maximum Product Protection

jewelry products deserve quite the level of care. Our custom jewelry boxes are designed to provide this amount of care and protection to your jewelry products, ensuring that they stay in prime condition every time.

Free Design Support

We want you to get the best out of your custom jewelry box manufacturing experience. Our design support team is always available to see you through the customization process.

Premium Crafted and Exquisite Rigid Boxes

Our custom jewelry boxes are all exquisitely crafted and designed to be nothing short of premium quality. We take extra care to ensure that the boxes come out looking stunning, hinting at the worth of their content, even before you actually open the box.

Manufactured by Professionals

The production of our custom jewelry boxes is handled by professionals from start to finish. With us, you can rest assured that every aspect of the creation of your box is handled by experienced professionals in the field.

Good Looking Exterior, Solid Internal Structure

Our custom jewelry boxes are designed to not just look good on the outside, but also on the inside, thereby providing your brand with that truly luxurious feel.

Unlimited Packaging Possibilities

Our custom jewelry boxes are designed to be easily customized. Whatever shape, size, or style you would like these boxes to come in, if they can be designed, then we can create them.

Customize Your Own Brand Custom Jewelry Box Now

Only the idea? We, the rigid box’s factory, can customize accordingly.

How We Work With You

Our job is to help create the perfect customized custom jewelry box for your brand. We take this task seriously and make it our priority to provide nothing short of top-quality deliverables.


The entire process begins with designing boxes to fit your specific needs. Our custom jewelry boxes are designed to fit your unique specifications ensuring that the boxes we create are completely unique to you

Prepare Materials

Once you have chosen a material, we begin preparing it for the molding process.

Settle Materials

Once we arrive at a design, it’s then time for you to choose what material you would like your custom jewelry box to be made from. We help you through this process, providing you a list of materials for you to choose from.

Shape Mould

Next, we begin molding your box from your chosen material, ensuring the mold meets the design specifications and your brand’s needs.


After creating the perfect mold, It is then time to print the mold. We make use of the best printing devices and technology, ensuring that your printed box comes out as premium quality stuff.


Finally, we glue the finished product together to give you that luxurious custom jewelry box you love so much.

Customize Your Own Brand Custom Jewelry Box Now

Not sure what kind of luxury gift box or box design would best fit your design? Let’s help you create the perfect one from scratch.

Still no idea? Here More Custom Jewelry Boxes knowledge.

Custom jewelry box is a type of container used to pack jewelry in an elegant way so that client is attracted towards nice custom jewelry box.


The durable material is being used by Manufacturer that assures the protection of your custom jewelry boxes. For a safe delivery of custom jewelry boxes from warehouse to shipment hazels and from unloading towards the shelves of shop it is the reliable and secures Custom jewelry box that manages to secure your custom jewelry boxes.


Manufacturer guarantees you to provide such secure and reliable Custom jewelry box that will produce satisfactory results. Manufacturer deals their Custom jewelry box with seals and locks that save you tampering and gives your Custom jewelry box a touch of integrity.


Customers anticipate our custom jewelry boxes to characteristic exactly as meant cozy. Manufacturer assures that reliable custom jewelry boxes Custom jewelry box is the pleasant manner to make certain simply that.


The primary cause of China purpose is keep your custom jewelry boxes shielded from defaming and rupturing.



Manufacturer can display instructions explaining a way to installation and use the custom jewelry boxes. Showing crucial data concerning the Custom jewelry boxes enables control customer expectancies and promotes client pleasure. The higher the client is conscious what they may be purchasing, the more likely they will be to be happy with stated buy.

The main motive provided by Manufacturer is to make boxes that are capable to correctly view the custom jewelry boxes which results in boom patron satisfaction.

We offer printed diagrams on your order Custom jewelry box so that customer can get the idea related to custom jewelry boxes at very first look.

The Custom jewelry boxes Custom jewelry box policy of Manufacturer is to spotlight nicely-designed custom jewelry boxes Custom jewelry box that can move a long manner in placing your custom jewelry boxes into the fingers of buyers. Choosing a fashion and shades is a good way to catch customer’s interest.

We conduct massive research into the want and desires of consumers to ensure their Custom jewelry box is appealing and compelling.

Manufacturer will manage your Custom jewelry box in a way that it will appeal customers even from road steps. Well-made, appealing Custom jewelry boxes Custom jewelry box is honestly a terrific manner to do.


The colors, fonts, and fashion picked out for you by Manufacturer Custom jewelry box can help to set your custom jewelry boxes apart from extraordinary groups. Manufacturer focuses that revolutionary designs consisting of clean cardboard customized boxes will trap the client’s eye and assist positioned your custom jewelry boxes.



figure 1: Custom jewelry box

Brand recognition is a critical part of any commercial enterprise’s marketing approach. The art of Custom jewelry boxes Custom jewelry box is one of the only ways of generating repeat clients and developing logo loyalty.


Manufacturer designs effective and captivating Custom jewelry box that admires customers to buy again and again. This exercise will promote your brand and customers will start recognizing you as their first choice.

Manufacturer suggests a promising fashion Custom jewelry box that will ensure customers to show greater involvement with your brand that will boost your sales to new heights.


Custom jewelry box by Manufacturer is eco friendly which bring a positive impression on customers.

figure 2: Custom jewelry box design

We try to raise customer awareness by printing custom jewelry boxes specification and user manuals on Custom jewelry box.


Manufacturer makes sure that all the necessary information to operate the custom jewelry boxes is mentioned in simple manner that a layman can easily understand.


There is a slight difference between informing customer and overwhelming the scenario.  The Custom jewelry box by Manufacturer makes sure to operate in friendly manner. Manufacturer assures you that your custom jewelry boxes will have unique identification from rest of your market competitors.



Custom jewelry box has very crucial part in building brand recognition. Manufacturer will provide you with the best feel of unboxing whether they are gifts or some other merchandise.   The versatile Custom jewelry box by Manufacturer will make you pride and confident.  
figure 3: Protective custom jewelry box

Behavior is greatly perceived by colors. Noticing this fact color combination made by Manufacturer is just according to situation and nature of your business.


For example during Christmas season red color is very demanding as it employs excitement, happenings and love.

Many custom jewelry boxes require being safe from environment hazards like food Custom jewelry box requires extreme monitoring of temperature, humidity, rain, and direct sunshine.


Manufacturer will provide you confidence that your custom jewelry boxes are fully saved from dust humidity rain and sun.



These Custom jewelry box containers are used in a whole lot of industries for the sake of the product’s protection.


If your product is fragile or you care about your logo’s photograph plenty, then these Custom jewelry box containers might be of your useful resource.


The double wall is what makes those packing containers amazingly strong in particular whilst the box is closed.


Custom jewelry boxes designed perfectly to ensure that not even air should get inside them and have an effect on the product.


Get this Custom jewelry box if you need your products to attain out safe for your clients’ palms. This will prevent from getting your product damaged however additionally deliver an extraordinary affect on your clients about your brand.



figure 4: Custom jewelry box in different styles

Custom jewelry box fulfills the wishes of a product and for this reason can be proved very useful for them. The largest advantage that a product can get is safeguarding.


Every product has to undergo a lot of problem each bodily and environmental from the time of transport to the time when they're being sold, the product ought to be saved intact which is best possible if packed in our Custom jewelry box containers.

You need to not neglect the part of adorning your custom jewelry box packing containers with shades. When Manufacturer is supplying you an aircraft to fill, why not simply avail of this opportunity. Supplier will guide you that your printings have to be very appealing and attractive on your customers.


Manufacturer has printing technology available in your printing job. Our cardstock and printing equipment are unbelievably impeccable and the very last outcome.



To buy Custom jewelry box from Luxury custom packaging presented by China visit http://luxurycustompackaging presented by CHINA.com/ add your box design and order.  
figure 5: Best custom jewelry box

Yes, supplier does offer free samples specifically for customers that are buying for the first time. Custom jewelry box field manufacturer apprehend the priority of consumers. Several producers are operating in the enterprise on-line, and every person claims to offer the pleasant product.


But once in a while it happens that you do not get what you've got ordered. It frustrates the customer that refund or go back is a fussy job. Meanwhile, the producer loses its credibility.

To keep away from any of those troubles, Custom jewelry box offers a loose pattern. So with your e-book your order, our designers begin running on it. After production one piece of inflexible gift container, supplier ships it for your delivery address.


Once you've got given superb response, the Custom jewelry box manufacture will manufacture your order and supply it on time.

No, there are not; while you pick the reliable and reputed producer like Custom jewelry box presented by China you will get the notable packaging presented by China solutions at reasonable prices. But if you are choosing any random vicinity, then there aren't any guarantees of high-quality and designs. You might find the expenses are low; however couple of bucks can cost you the credibility of your logo.


Manufacturer knows an inflexible container is the face of your brand, and a commoner will no longer find the vendor reliable or actual while the face of its emblem isn't always durable or less attractive. So purchase from dependable Custom jewelry box producer, and enhance your business.

E-commerce corporations are mostly the commercial enterprise without another presence in the international than virtual international. So, if a person desires to visit you or see your product, the handiest manner is your packaging presented by China. The inflexible gift packing containers producers Custom jewelry box are up for appealing customization to promote the e-commerce enterprise.   E-trade business needs printed packaging presented by China greater in order that:
  • Custom jewelry box will make People becomes aware about your logo and your products. It allows booming customer engagement and improving the rank of your website.
  • Custom jewelry box will increase target market engagement; you will get extra possibilities for consumer loyalty. Inflexible present boxes producers make sure which you get consumer loyalty and engagement in price effective way
  • Costumer will recognize about you and the product with the aid of reading the information about your product on the box. It increases the credibility of your brand.
figure 6: Unique custom jewelry box

 http://luxurycustompackaging presented by CHINA.com/ has various eye-catching template picks for you. If you're tired of the traditional designs our accomplished photographs crew can help you with a "creative die-reduce window field" art work.


Manufacturer gives its worth clients Free designing services. You may have your favoured shapes, colorings, and sizes for the window containers without any die-cut or setup prices.

Our one of a kind offerings encompass:


Turnaround Time: Luxury custom packaging presented by China is desired via a multitude of agencies for its willpower to handing over the very fine at fastest turnaround time. Custom jewelry box offered usually ensure that your inventory receives printed earlier than the deadline and gets shipped within the time frame you have got mentioned.


Eco-pleasant Printing: Supplier is putting our share in saving the atmosphere by way of using recyclable substances.


We believe that all possible effort must be created for the conservation of land wastes or even the tiniest steps must be taken powerfully to stop the extra deterioration of the existing situations.


For this cause, we offered a tendency to suggest “eco-friendly” packaging presented by Chins powerfully to our clients.  Eco-friendly packaging presented by China of Custom jewelry box offered products set up and enhance the very reality that nice and diplomacy in packaging presented by China “can” be carried out whilst now not compulsorily utilizing risky substances for your packaging presented by China production.


Customer Care Center: We give a 24/7 client care facility, our professional Call Representatives are available round the clock to address your queries and concerns regarding Custom jewelry box field printing.

You don’t need tape or glue to assemble REFT boxes.


It will take approximately 30 seconds to one minute, depending at the man or woman’s revel in and the scale of the container. Once you have got finished a few, you'll probable expand your very own approach for doing it speedy and with extended ease.


  1. Custom jewelry box offered containers is aesthetically beautiful and highly presentable.
  2. Custom jewelry box offered boxes are light-weight, and no longer bulky even as nonetheless supplying a high level of security for the product.

The first principle is to layout a container which suits the product and provides full functionality. Besides keeping the box, custom fragrance containers additionally protect the product and allow the clean use or dealing with.


The custom container also booms the visual enchantment of fragrance and helps it to face out on cabinets.


Due to ease of show and longer shelf life, custom packing containers are an excellent desire for retailers. Custom jewelry box offered field has to additionally make your product recognizable with consistent design.

figure 7: Eye catching custom jewelry box

Increase Sales with the aid of Endorsing your Brand:


One of the largest advantages of using Custom jewelry box offered is its ability to recommend your emblem amongst some of comparable services. Windows is a proven tactic to increase the sales of your merchandise.


Designing the Custom jewelry box offered attractively is a superb way to put it on the market your logo. Now you want no longer to spend masses of dollar on wearing out promotional campaigns. Wherever your packaging presented by China goes, it speaks for its identity.


High quality printing with captivating art work of Manufacturer company and enticing brand can make your meals brand recognizable among a number of human beings.


Custom packaging presented by China from Manufacturer offered also permits you to print beneficial information approximately the product and its manufacturer. For instance within the case deodorants or different similar perfume gadgets, you may print substances, manufactures labels, production and expiry dates. 


If the customers get privy to diverse aspects of your merchandise before its purchase, it increases their pride degree and loyalty toward your logo. The end result is repetitive sales and long time relationship with the customers.

We offer discounted containers and unfastened plastic mailers.

Each of Custom jewelry box offered is fabricated from recycled cardboard. Manufacturer offered additionally use recycled paper as our number one filler.

Our company that is highly concerned with eco friendly environment As part of our efforts to be eco friendly environment supplier limits our paper usage, supplier don’t produce physical catalogs. Supplier have designed website for all such requirements.


However, while purchasing at the site by, you’ll see the Search bar inside the header on every web page.


figure 8: Protective custom jewelry box

Custom jewelry box offers individual product pages is full of helpful bullet points that cover almost every layman concerns.


If you continue to have questions, please don’t hesitate to touch as there is option of live chat on website.

Visit our Custom Shop of Custom jewelry box offered to look the total variety of what supplier must provide.


Each custom packaging presented by China option has an unfastened and clean-to-use on-line fashion designer that’ll help you create appealing and unforgettable unboxing reports.



Our factory offer paintings as speedy as feasible to produce your packaging presented by China. If you want your order to be delivered immediately there is no chance of modifications. If your order’s been positioned, it may be changed according to your requirements.


Please observe that custom packaging presented by China can’t be returned as this will cause loss to the company.

  1. According to Manufacturer Samples of existing paper tubes or bins are to be had at no cost.
  2. Prototypes/sample for custom gadgets can be charged at price. But the expenses can be deducted from the mass order.
  3. In either case, the client should pay transport price. Freight acquire provider is strongly recommended by supplier.
Please inform Manufacturer the favored container kind/shape, dimensions, quantities, print colors and floor treatment. If you are not sure of such facts, then please offer us the information of products the containers are meant to maintain.    
figure 9: Custom jewelry box with custom packaging

The lead time of Supplier Company is commonly 7-12 days after sample reputation and 30% strengthen payment. It depends at the order quantity and extra treatments concerned.

 The most usual floor remedy techniques by Manufacturer include

  • Hot Stamping,
  • Matte/Glossy Lamination,
  • Embossing/Debossing and
  • UV Coating and so forth.

Well, to select the satisfactory packaging presented by China boxes to your products Custom jewelry box want to make certain following simple things:


  • Quality cardboard utilized in production these packing containers.
  • Style and length, for the reason that more in shape your product may be inside the field, more it will likely be secured.
  • Ink quality for printed packing containers.

There are many methods to turn a simple Custom jewelry box field into the most desirable custom packing containers.


The Custom jewelry boxes exceptional sufficient to add elegance to a deceptively simple product. These containers by China can undergo the manufacturing phase in special sizes or shades relying on the type of things to be packed and the client's desire.



figure 10: Custom jewelry box in different styles

We offer inventory and custom packaging presented by China to everybody that desires it.


Our offerings are particularly useful for e-commerce companies and those whose packaging presented by China desires are constantly evolving.

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