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Looking for luxury custom packaging for your chocolates? we are the custom chocolate box manufacturers for the job.

Your Custom Chocolate Box Manufacturer in China

We are a custom chocolate box factory with over 7 years of experience creating quality custom packaging for chocolate factories all over China and the world at large. Our custom boxes are everything you would expect from quality chocolate packaging ─ attractive, airtight, and non-toxic.

Why consider making us

Be Your Custom Chocolate Boxes Manufacturer
We are tested. We are trusted. We are exactly what your brand needs. We don’t just create quality collapsible rigid boxes for your brand, we design them to be unique to your business and to be nothing short of premium quality and truly luxurious.


We place no limits on the number of custom boxes you can order. Whether you would like to create just one custom chocolate box as a gift for a special customer or you’d like to make several thousand for your new chocolate brand, we are the company to meet.

Quick Turnaround Time

No one likes a late delivery, and we are no exception. We make it our job to ensure that your custom packaging is ready right on time, every time.

High Quality Printing

The more attractive your chocolate box looks, the more luxurious the chocolate feels. We help you achieve this effect with high-quality printing on all your custom chocolate boxes.

Free Design Support

We don’t just create customized packaging for you, we help you create the best one for your brand. Our design support team is always here to put you through.

Free Sample

We don’t just ask you to trust us, we give you a reason to. We provide free samples before mass-producing your order, ensuring that you are satisfied with what you are paying for.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Need help getting a customized chocolate box created for your brand? Our customer care is always available to assist you with all you need.

You Luxury Custom Packaging Manufacturer

Get Your Own Custom Chocolate Boxes With Your Brand

Need a custom chocolate box factory in China with experience and expertise in creating these boxes?

We are the custom chocolate box manufacturers to choose.

Our Custom Chocolate Box Gallery

Our custom chocolate boxes come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. And what’s more, they are fully customizable and can be designed however you wish to fit your specifications.

Classic Custom Chocolate Box

Designed in a similar way to your regular chocolate boxes, our classic custom chocolate box design lets you customize the classic style chocolate box into something unique to your brand.

Window Chocolate Box

Want to give your delicious chocolate a chance to shine? Our window chocolate box is what you need.

Fancy Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate boxes are designed to look elegant for packing the chocolate

24 Divides Chocolate Box

Lare with divides easy to customize chocolate rigid box is the best choice for you.

How Custom Chocolate Boxes Fit Your Brand?


Our custom chocolate boxes are treated specifically with their end-use in mind ─ the packaging of consumable products. We take special care to ensure that these boxes are completely non-toxic and free from contaminants.

Fully Customizable

We build our custom chocolate boxes to be easy to customize, so that once we are done, what you get is a product packaging that is completely unique to you.

Top Quality Materials

Our custom chocolate boxes are made from nothing short of top-quality materials, ensuring that what you get is the best of the best and nothing less.

Maximum Product Protection

No one ever wants to purchase damaged chocolates. With our custom chocolate boxes, you get product packaging you can trust to be strong and sturdy.

Free Design Support

Need help creating a custom box for your chocolate factory? We help you through the entire process of creating your custom chocolate box design.

Premium Crafted and Exquisite Rigid Boxes

As the No. 1 custom chocolate box factory in China, we make it our job to create for you nothing short of premium quality custom chocolate boxes. From the design process to the molding and printing of your box, we make sure the job is carried out by professionals in the industry.

Manufactured by Professionals

Our custom chocolate boxes are a product of the diligence of many professionals. Every aspect of their creation process is carried out by experts, all of whom give their all to providing custom chocolate boxes that are beautiful and safe for packaging edibles.

custom chocolate boxes

Good Looking Exterior, Solid Internal Structure

Your custom chocolate boxes should not only look good, they should also have an internal structure that leaves the chocolates in them looking good. We make it our job to create such chocolate boxes, ensuring that when your chocolate boxes are opened, they look just as good as they did when you manufactured them.

Unlimited Packaging Possibilities

Designed with customization in mind, our custom chocolate boxes can be designed to fit any size, shape, and quantity of chocolate you want.

Customize Your Own Brand Custom Chocolate Box Now

Only the idea? We, the rigid boxes factory can customize accordingly.

How We Work WithYou

Creating a perfect customized custom chocolate box for your brand takes quite the effort and dedication. We utilize our 6-step approach for maximum effect.


We start creating every box by first designing how they’d look. We don’t just come up with any design however, we make sure our designs meet your brand’s specific needs, ideals, and specifications.

Prepare Materials

Once you have chosen a material, we begin preparing it for the molding process.

Settle Materials

Once the design is settled, you need to choose a material from which you would like your custom chocolate box to be made from. We provide you a number of options to choose from.

Shape Mould

We then start molding your chosen material to fit our design, taking into account your goals, ideas, and specifications.


After creating the perfect mold, we begin the printing process, using any of our various printing techniques to produce the best package design for your brand.


Finally, we glue the finished product together to give you that luxurious custom chocolate box you love so much.

Customize Your Own Brand Custom Chocolate Box Now

Not sure what kind of luxury gift box or box design would best fit your design? Let’s help you create the perfect one from scratch.

Still no idea? Here More Custom Chocolate Boxes knowledge.

Custom Chocolate Box is made up of a material that attracts customers and user. Custom Chocolate Box that receivers feel themselves special and valuable.



Moreover, additional functions like debossing, embossing and laser slicing, and so on and also provided for a premium look. Get cardboard Custom Chocolate Box give up containers made with the first-class printing and raw material. Get custom boxes from one of the pleasant Custom Chocolate Box.

To keep away from any of troubles, Custom Chocolate Box offer a loose pattern. So whilst you e-book your order, our designers begin running on it. After production one piece of inflexible gift container, manufacturer ship it for your delivery address. Once you've got given superb nod, the will manufacture your order and supply it on time.

E-commerce corporations are mostly the commercial enterprise without another presence in the international than virtual international.


So, if a person desires to visit you or see your product, the handiest manner is your packaging offered by China. The Custom Chocolate Box up for appealing customization to promote the e-commerce enterprise.


E-trade business needs printed packaging offered by China greater in order that:

  • People become aware about your logo and your products. Custom Chocolate Box allows booming customer engagement and improving the rank of your website.
  • Custom Chocolate Box will increase target market engagement; you will get extra possibilities for consumer loyalty. Inflexible present boxes producers make sure which you get consumer loyalty and engagement in price effective way
  • Costumer will recognize about you and the product with the aid of reading the information about your product on the box. It increases the credibility of your logo.


The primary aim of manufacturer packaging offered by China is to protect the product form air, light, heat, cold, moisture, dust, dirt etc.


Furthermore, the packaging offered by China together with the shipping case should protect the product form the hazards that the package would be exposed to during transport and handling.



Figure 1: custom chocolate boxes design

Custom Chocolate Box offers inventory and custom packaging offered by China to everybody that desires it.


Our offerings are particularly useful for e-commerce companies and those whose packaging offered by China desires are constantly evolving.



As part of Custom Chocolate Box efforts to be eco-aware and limit our paper use, manufacturer don’t produce physical catalogs.


However, while purchasing at the site, you’ll see the Search bar inside the header on every web page.

Visit our Custom Shop i.e. Custom Chocolate Box to look the total variety of what manufacturer must provide.


Don’t see what you’re searching out? Reach out to supplier at here


Figure 2 quality custom chocolate boxes


Every custom packaging offered by China option lists a lead time on its touchdown web page, while in checkout and on your order affirmation e mail.


Please word that commercial enterprise days don’t consist of weekends or holidays, and we’re not able to expedite lead instances. If you’re custom packaging offered by China calls for new art work or correction, its lead time also can be affected.


Once your packaging offered by China is prepared to move, you’ll usually receive an e-mail notification together with your order info and tracking records by supplier.

An antique shape of cannabis medicinal drug for sufferers is tinctures. A hashish tincture is an alcohol extract that helps treat various ailments. Tincture droppers may be discovered in bottles, cartridges, vials, or squeeze bottles.


In case you are a manufacturer, then Custom Chocolate Box could be first-class for your product. A tincture dealer needs to realize the significance of particular and precise packaging offered by China to your tincture merchandise.


Various Custom Chocolate Box containers can be designed with extraordinary options which include embossing, filling, Custom Chocolate Box panes, and extra. An ideal container with colorful schemes and charming paintings can attract clients. Applicable information consisting of product descriptions enables purchasers to know what customer is spending on their cash.


Figure 3: Unique custom chocolate boxes


We as manufacturer packaging offered by China is international-well-known for its reverse Custom Chocolate Box stop and its locking properties.


This Custom Chocolate Box not unlocked due to the load of the product. Because of its durability, almost all kinds of industries use reverse taxes and bins. These packing containers offer a greater area for improvement.

Figure 4: Custom chocolate boxes in custom packaging


After putting your order, manufacturer devoted team will overview your layout for any technical issues and ship a  proof on your electronic mail ins 24 hours.


If any modifications need to be made, you could ship a note immediately to our manufacturer group via the proof web page and they’ll be satisfied to help with finalizing your layout for printing.

As an excessive-extent producer with scale economies, Custom Chocolate Box provides the industry’s most competitive charges on custom revealed bins available.


Pricing is usually a factor of five matters:

  1. dimensions,
  2. container fashion,
  3. ink insurance at the box,
  4. container fabric,
  5. And quantity.


When you have questions about pricing or alternatives which can affect your order, manufacturer customer service group is glad to help!

Yes, you may have printing on the both. This consists of mailers, shippers, and Custom Chocolate Box tops (our menu field by using style!). Product boxes are currently confined to printing on the outside best.


For shippers and Custom Chocolate Box tops, Custom Chocolate Box designed by presently require a PDF template be submitted for both the interior and outside so manufacturer can set up your order as a custom order. You could additionally put up designs this manner for our mailer containers.



Figure 5: Custom chocolate boxes with logo

On our site, the noted Custom Chocolate Box patterns are not unusual to the market.


But for a brand new layout field, you need to provide the product’s details consist of the form and the size. And manufacturer is able to make that for you.



Size is a few different crucial troubles this is decided inside the custom chocolate box.


If you are inclined to personalize your packaging offered by China packing containers by manufacturer then you may decide which length you want in your packaging offered by China containers.


We are able to deliver small, medium, massive, or extra huge boxes whichever fits the most to the products.


Size of the Custom Chocolate Box ought to no longer be so big or as small however precisely as it is desired.



Figure 6: Custom chocolate boxes your best choice

Right here is the color of the timber boxes customization which you want to determine on your commercial enterprise.


The Custom Chocolate Box provides splendid field printing services to their clients thru the modern printing technology.


Manufacturer use to shade and print the packing containers that appearance maximum beautiful and appealing.


Colors are always the key elements to catch attention of customers. Ensures the best color combination to make your product stand alone from others.


Gives you an opportunity to pick your favorite printing designs of Custom Chocolate Box along with color combinations of your choice to give outclass look to your products.


Colors add beauty to everything same is in the case of customization of Custom Chocolate Box. Will help you decide best match for your products.

Well, to select the satisfactory packaging offered by China boxes to your products Custom Chocolate box. Want to make certain following simple things:
  • Quality cardboard utilized in production these packing containers.
  • Style and length, for the reason that more in shape your product may be inside the field, more it will likely be secured.
  • Ink quality for printed packing containers.

There are many methods to turn a simple Custom Chocolate Box field into the most desirable custom packing containers.


Is exceptional sufficient to add elegance to a deceptively simple product. These containers can undergo the manufacturing phase in special sizes or shades relying on the type of things to be packed and the client's desire.

There are various methods which can make a Custom Chocolate Box field appearance pretty. These options include offset printing and virtual printing, which make the Custom Chocolate Box stand out from the gang.


Plus manufacturer offers you numerous Custom Chocolate Box containers finishing options, consisting of a smooth, matte end appearance.



Big names in the marketplace love the customization of cardboard containers on the market with silver or gold print. So, manufacturer is saving a large sum of money that they want to spend for profile-elevating purposes.


Custom Chocolate Box can customize the Custom Chocolate Box containers by way of the usage of issues to suit special occasions such as Christmas or even New Year. If you're looking for any person who can customize your Custom Chocolate Box as you want and on time, then you may trust our business enterprise.

Custom Chocolate Box with brand logo made in custom shapes, perfect sizes, and particular layouts are created within the given deadlines. Manufacturer use the most first-class cardboard and recyclable Kraft substances inside the advent of these boxes.


In the case of design and product printing, manufacturer positioned you on top positions among your competitors. The desire is exclusively yours.


With the assist of modern-day era, customize Custom Chocolate Box imaginative images guarantee that the whole thing is feasible for your Custom Chocolate Box, that you want Custom Chocolate Box monochromatic, boxes with outstanding color combinations and putting designs, or published Custom Chocolate Box.


Customize Custom Chocolate Box deliver quite cheap and fully custom packing containers in any amount you need, whether or not it's a short-time period order or a wholesale quantity.

You see, that the means of custom packing containers defines this question. On our website, the mentioned field styles are common to the market.


But for a new layout field, you need to offer the product’s information consists of the form and the dimensions customize Custom Chocolate Box can make that for you.



Wonderful looks
With such a wonderful look, our Custom Chocolate Box container is an impeccable choice for you.  
You can get your branding carried out from Custom Chocolate Box because there are sufficient for the humans to get enticed to them. The thing this is chargeable for the advertising element provided by Custom Chocolate Box the quantity of area Custom Chocolate Box GIFT Bobbins offer.  
Long lasting impacts
If you utilize Custom Chocolate Box effectively, you may promote your merchandise in no time and people will keep in mind it for a long term. But in case you don’t, people will only get drawn to the good looks of Custom Chocolate Box packing containers and they may find not anything revealed on them.  
Strong interaction
You can interact with clients along with your Custom Chocolate Box and permit the containers speak to them.  
Figure 7: physical catalog of custom chocolate boxes

You see, that the means of custom packing containers defines this question. On our website, the mentioned field styles are common to the market.


But for a new layout field, you need to offer the product’s information consists of the form and the dimensions customize sleeve and tray box can make that for you.

Brand recognition is a critical part of any commercial enterprise’s marketing approach. The art of packaging offered by China is one of the only ways of generating repeat clients and developing logo loyalty.


We as manufacturer design effective and captivating packaging offered by China that admires customers to buy again and again. This exercise will promote your brand and customers will start recognizing you as their first choice.



Figure 8: Affordable custom chocolate boxes


We suggest a promising fashion packaging offered by China that will ensure customers to show greater involvement with your brand that will boost your sales to new heights.

Packaging offered by China by supplier is eco friendly which bring a positive impression on customers.

Manufacturer tries to raise customer awareness by printing product specification and user manuals on packaging offered by China.


China factory makes sure that all the necessary information to operate the product is mentioned in simple manner that a layman can easily understand.


There is a slight difference between informing customer and overwhelming the scenario.  The packaging offered by China by Manufacturer makes sure to operate in friendly manner. Manufacturer assures you that your product will have unique identification from rest of your market competitors.

Packaging offered by China has very crucial part in building brand recognition. Manufacturer will provide you with the best feel of unboxing whether they are gifts or some other merchandise.


The versatile packaging offered by China by Manufacturer will make you pride and confident.



Keeping the budget low is one among the biggest targets of box Supplier China containers are one of the handiest packaging solutions.


Irrespective of box Supplier China specialized capabilities, the usage of custom containers allow you to in meeting packaging requirements without disturbing your budget.


The box Supplier China designs boxes that are made from cardboard that's one of the maximum cost-powerful substances.


Box Supplier Chinas available with ease as it's far crafted from natural materials.


Box Supplier China has capability to recycle adds to its benefit.

Custom Display Packaging:

Box Manufacturer China’s packaging is massive as regards to retaining products at ease and, on the same time, gives an outer look that makes the product appearance exceptional.


There are several gadgets that, even as speaking with clients, make up their minds to get the product, and all this becomes feasible because of the properly-designed by box Manufacturer China.

Different material is operated by BOX Supplier China for the packaging of several matters.


Subsequently, cardboard, Kraft, and Corrugated material are being used for that reason. Cardboard cloth is used for extra critical elements of products. At the same time, Kraft is used to packing meals.


You can use them for transportation purposes. Packaging by BOX Supplier China containers have every other benefit. In the same manner, it builds product deals.

Cut down the expenses of doing business:

Custom show packaging is valuable selection for shops. Along those strains, box supplier China show box wholesale brings more benefits for the precise business.

Notwithstanding, progressive cheap retail show packaging will chop down your costs of doing commercial enterprise.



Figure 9: Best custom chocolate boxes

The box Supplier China accompanies best surprise and fortifies extensive institutions with clients. Notwithstanding, financially savvy packaging gives an important stumble upon to shops and clients.


The box Supplier China containers are upscale and eco-accommodating packaging for diverse gadgets. The cardboard custom show packing containers are helping in emblem confirmation. Besides, these custom bins are protecting this situation from land wastes.

The custom display packing containers are prepared with 100% recyclable stuff. box Supplier Chinas relatively very promising company for encasing eatables, magnificence, and several unique gadgets.


The Eco-alluring packaging likewise urges the customers to love or utilize this type of packaging. Also, these instances are going to spare this land from dangerous consequences.




Figure 10: Custom printed chocolate boxes


The introduction of objects is as sizeable as its assembling. Since there are many handy items, they have a similar working or exceptional yet various Manufacturers.


So box Supplier China moves towards remarkable and easy packaging. box Supplier China cardboard packaging gives product professional look. Likewise, make it talk to the clients.

Box Supplier Chinas famous packaging company that is correctly in use in extraordinary fields of enterprise. It is the maximum popular item for potential, transportation of products for diverse functions because of its characteristics, purposeful residences, and ease of advent.


A cardboard box is an introduction on a nice footing in an incredible mixture to recognize a vast scope of assignments.

We as box Supplier China realize the needs of each producer and responds to them by imparting our custom precise Obtain the logo of your agency published on custom small packaging to make the clients brand loyal closer to your product.


We have nicely prepared with a variety of pre-modeled designs you can check on your custom vehicle lock backside present boxes.


We carefully chooses substances in your high cease boxes that will pop out the display of your custom box Supplier China simple in an elegant way.


Choose the design you deem suitable to your box Supplier China to make your containers more appealing and obtain the logo of your agency published on custom packaging to make the clients brand loyal closer to your product.

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