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Custom boxes Manufacturer Luxury Custom Packaging always committed to providing the best Folding Carton Packaging Manufacture. made in China.

Folding Carton Manufacturer in China

Luxury Custom Packaging is Reputed for premium brands packaging Folding Carton, We are a high-quality service provider with years of experience. The best Folding Carton manufacturer support team is working 24/7 for the betterment of the industry.

All Folding Cartons are printed. The whole process is done on the machine. The final output comes out through designing, testing, and machining by experts. Our skilled staff is engaged in these tasks round the clock. To make folding cartons, we have to follow all steps like the first cut to the right size, glued, pasted, dried, and finally, the final box is made. It is taken care of during construction. These Folding Cartons are displayed by creating a container.


We do customized Folding Carton packaging of Custom Boxes. In this case, we are particularly adept.

Quick Turnaround Time

Our motto is to provide premium quality service. We have 24/7 customer service support team. Any time we do support our client. Any busy time we also take custom orders of Custom Boxes of Folding Cartons as per their requirement.

High Quality Printing

We provide high-quality printing materials for Folding Carton. Our production system never compromised with quality. We use advanced technology for Folding Carton production.

Free Design Support

We Luxury Custom Packaging have the best technical person, designer. Our expert is able to provide clients the best designed Custom Boxes of Folding Cartons for free.

Free Sample

We provide high-quality printing materials for Folding Carton. Our production system never compromised with quality. We use advanced technology for Folding Carton production.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Our 24/7 customer service always ready to hear our customers call. They help them as per their requirements. Suggest them always for their betterment.

You Perfect Custom Folding Carton Packaging Partner

Customize Your Own Folding Carton With Your Brand

A special type of Folding Carton is made of paperboard. Folding Carton is cheap compared to others but does not compromise on quality, very affordable always and best quality in transportation and storage of goods. We can get any custom size and color of all Folding Carton. 

Auto-Lock Bottom Box

The attached option at the bottom portion allows the box to support heavy items. All the necessary parts of the Folding Cartons are glued, so it is safe. Even carrying a lot of heavy things and no damage during transfer.

Bookend Box

Custom Sizes its best features.  Another few features are Foil Stamping, Embossing, Debossing, Die Cutting, Metallic Inks, etc.

Display Box

The folding carton is manually erected. The opening time must remember that the box is required to fold the top portion so that the individual units can be taken out of the display box. 

Gable Box

There are few things like polyethylene-coated, paperboard or other liquid packaging board and sometimes foil laminated materials make a perfect box. 

Pillow Box

For this, we have a specialized designers team and they try to catch the buyers’ attention all time. If anyone needs decent pillow boxes, please visit our site.

Roll End Tuck Front Box

They are typically manufactured and locked manually, very easily assembled, and quick to create. These Folding Cartons associated with a lid and front panel with two locking flaps.

Sleeve & Tray Box

A beautifully designed folding carton box that provides a flip-top box template to allow the foam to fit in easily.

Tuck End Box

A customizable Folding Cartons structure with two two-piece folding cartons having detachable lids to fit well according to your need.

Premium Crafted and Exquisite Folding Carton

luxury Folding Carton packaging is China based packaging manufacturing industry, we are offering folding carton packaging as your best folding carton manufacturer to deliver the right product with the finest quality. You get to make endless customization options with our Folding Cartons. To get the right thing please contact with our support team.

Professionally Folding Carton Manufacturer

Best Luxury Custom Packaging industry. Get your best custom Folding Cartons from our factory. Our best offer only for wholesale orders. We have free samples of Folding Cartons. Please collect from our factory. And then order for your one. Our specialty is the best service for both customer and product. Manufacturing all steps we follow step by step. Custom Folding Carton made of paperboard, but it is very protective. Custom design Folding Carton increases brand value 100%. We are trusted.

Good Looking Exterior, Solid Internal Structure Folding Carton

Our high-quality folding cartons make your Folding Carton safe and give them a great packaging look to catch an eye. It’s a guarantee that the quality material used in the manufacturing of these folding cartons keeps your Folding Carton safe from external impacts.

Unlimited Folding Carton Packaging Possibilities

Our expert team gives out the best folding carton packaging for your products in order to make your brand so stand out amongst the others. We recommend the best packaging according to your product’s requirements. The folding carton may be a flip one, or a custom box of your choice, depending on your choice of interest. Make sure you contact our Folding Carton manufacturer.

Customize Your Own Brand Folding Carton Now

Special features we deliver on time even in any busy season. Although they are made by paperboard, they carry a lot of importance in the branding and sales of the product. 

Folding Box Products Gallery

Get in touch with our library to see all the inspirational packaging options that you can get.

How We Work With You

We are in the China-based Folding Carton packaging manufacturing industry. We are experienced in all sector. We have experienced staff, we always use advanced technology, all be to make any custom design Folding Carton. We produced a very high-quality Folding Carton.  

Create Your Design

Get our factory’s full low of production video or share your packaging stories with us.

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