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Looking for a luxury gift packaging that displays the beauty of your products? our window gift box is the perfect choice for you.

You Window Gift Box Manufacturer In China

Ours is a window gift box factory with over Six years of experience creating quality window boxes for various industries and businesses. Looking to create a customized luxury window gift box for your business, we are the rigid box suppliers to see.


With us, you get no order limitations. You could choose to order one custom window gift box or several hundred ones. Whatever choice you make, we make sure you get nothing less than premium quality on every box.

Quick Turnaround Time

We are window gift box suppliers who take turnaround time seriously. Need your window gift box created quickly? We are equipped with all the right tools and the dedication to get the job done.

High Quality Printing

All our luxury boxes are built to look good. We utilize the best printing technology in the industry to bring about this effect. With us, you don’t just get quality boxes, you get quality boxes that absolutely look good.

Free Design Support

Need help choosing a personalized window gift box design? We offer free design support to all our customers who need it.

Free Sample

Would you like to see a physical sample of your customized window gift box before getting started? We are always willing to get you one free sample.

Top-Notch Customer Service

We are always willing to hear your concerns and suggestions as well as to answer your question. Whatever it is you may need, our customer support is always willing to help.

You Luxury Custom Packaging Manufacturer

Get Your Own Window Gift Box With Your Brand

Need a window gift box factory in China you can always trust to provide quality services? We are the window gift box manufacturers to choose.

Our Window Gift Box Gallery

When it comes to providing quality window gift boxes that are both fancy and functional, we are the window gift box suppliers for the job!

Classic Window Gift Boxes

Solidly built with a large enough window on the front of the box, this gift box lets you display your product in its full glory. A perfect packaging choice for toy manufacturers.

Peephole Window Gift Rigid Boxes

Built with just a little bit of window space, this window gift box is the perfect choice when you are looking to show off just a bit of your packaged gift, without spoiling the surprise.

Fancy Window Gift Boxes

Fancy but definitely not fragile, these collapsible boxes are designed to look elegant and flashy while still repairing that solid build rigid boxes are well known for.

Sleeve Window Box

Looking for a collapsible box that is simple and modest? This simple, easy to customize collapsible rigid box is the best choice for you.

How Window Gift Boxes Fit Your Brand?

Increased Display Potential

Looking for a great packaging that lets you display the beauty of your gift while still providing that much-trusted protection, our window gift box is the best choice for you.

Fully Customizable

Our window gift boxes are designed to be fully customizable, allowing you to design them however you wish to fit your specific brand needs.

Top Quality Materials

We create out window gift boxes from nothing but the best materials in the industry. This means you get luxury packaging you can trust to stand the test of time.

Maximum Product Protection

While our window gift boxes are designed to give their content the opportunity to shine, they are also built to be rigid and strong, providing you with product protection you can trust.

Free Design Support

Need help coming up with a unique design for your window gift box? Our design support team is always ready to help you for free.

Premium Crafted and Exquisite Rigid Boxes

As the No. 1 window gift box factory in China, we are dedicated to providing nothing short of premium quality window gift boxes. These boxes are created to be nothing short of top quality.

Manufactured by Professionals

Ours is a dedication to creating nothing short of premium quality window gift boxes on every order. Each process in the creation of these boxes is carried out by the most experienced professionals in the business.

Good Looking Interior, Solid Internal Structure

Ours is not a business of creating half-baked window gift boxes. We ensure our window gift boxes look luxurious in every way you can think. From our boxes’ exterior to their interior, these boxes are created with nothing but perfection in mind.

Unlimited Packaging Possibilities

Our window gift boxes are designed to be easy to customize. However you might like your box to look, whatever size you might want it to be, we can make it all possible.

Customize Your Own Brand Window Gift Box Now

Only the idea? We, the rigid boxes’ factory, can customize accordingly.

How We Create Your Custom Box

Having the perfect window gift box customized for your brand takes a lot of effort and commitment. We make it our job to put in that effort and commitment into every stage of our window gift box creation process.

Customize Your Own Brand Window Gift Box Now

Only the idea? We, the rigid boxes’ factory, can customize accordingly.

Still no idea? Here More Window Gift Box knowledge.

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