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Cardboard Shoe Box from the environmental factors but also improve the appearance of a box, stop them from fading and encase the quality of the box.

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Custom Shoe Boxes Supplier

Customized shoe boxes are fashionable, trendy and modern available at custom shoe box wholesale, China. The charming and aesthetic shoe boxes wholesale manufacturer, China. We put in our best efforts to make these shoe boxes super strong, sturdy and aesthetic. You will see uniqueness in our customized shoe boxes. Our custom shoe boxes are available in very low prices and are affordable for everyone.

Material of your choice

The choice of the material always depends on your selection. Most of the people go with the rigid boxes for shoes because they are strong and not collapsible. There are no chances of damage to the sturdy boxes and your shoes are always safe in them.

Color of your choice

Color schemes of the custom shoe boxes are your own selection. You can select any color scheme because we have our professionals who give their expert opinion about the material. If you do not have anything in your mind, our experts can guide you in a better way. You can choose wrapping papers and soft laminated cushions as well to give shoe box a unique and exotic look. It looks attractive and eye-catching.

Customize with logo

At custom shoe boxes wholesale, China, you can always come with the innovative ideas of customized logos with different color schemes and designs. We can stick them on the front of the shoe boxes. All of this is based on your choice. Logos are an optional thing, you can ask us to add them.

Customize with shapes & sizes

One of the other best things about custom shoe boxes, wholesale, China is the customized shapes and sizes of the shoe boxes. You can tell us your choice of the shape and even size of the shoe box. Although there are standard sizes of shoe boxes, but the advantage of Custom shoe boxes wholesale, China is that you can even customize the size of the shoe boxes.

Eco-friendly custom shoe boxes

The first priority and preference in choosing the material of the shoe boxes is kept in mind in view of environmental friendly way. Material which is biodegradable is preferred so that it does not cause any kind of harm in the environment. Such boxes are made up of the material which is decomposed easily. These are called eco-friendly boxes and these are easily available at Custom shoe box wholesale, China.

Custom shoe boxes display boxes

For highlighting the shoe boxes, you need unique and good quality boxes that will increase the marketing and make progress. Display is the only thing which attracts the attention of the customers so these shoes boxes which are to be put in display must be aesthetic and eye-catching.

Custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale Manufacturer China

Custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer, China has been working and giving their best output for ages. Nobody can challenge our high-quality services.  

If you’re looking for a shoe storage solution that’s easy to scale and can fit inside your existing closet, you’ll like our custom shoe boxes at Custom shoe Box wholesale, China. We offer a wide range of Christmas shoe boxes, pink shoe boxes for girls, blue shoe boxes for boys, etc. that can be designed according to your needs and requirements.

These boxes have vibrant colors, nice design themes, amazing design, and still are, very cost-effective to pack a pair of shoes for your friend, family, or beloved ones. Shoe boxes at Custom shoe boxes, wholesale manufacturer, China are available in a very different and unique variety.

Our products have amazing quality and the diversity in them is one of the most striking features of our company.


Custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer China is very persuasive for offering you the most versatile customized boxes since decades. Our motto is to provide you with the best we have gotten. Our boxes ensure a good chance at marketing and promotion of your brand.

Custom Shoe Boxes wholesale solutions

At custom shoe boxes wholesale, China, you will get all the packaging solutions. We provide the best services because we do not compromise on the quality and our customers are worthy of such great services.

What will you get from Custom shoe boxes wholesale China

There is an enormous variety available in custom shoe boxes available at custom shoe boxes wholesale manufacturer, China.

  • Premium-Quality:

The purpose of Custom shoe boxes wholesale, China is to give their customers high-end quality shoe boxes which are made by using the latest and modern 3D technology. Because of using this latest technology, our products are error-free and flawless.

  • Variety and versatility:

There are many requirements for a business to flourish. These include variety and versatility. If the products are typical and easily available in the market, no customer will be attracted. This is our prime motive to deliver our customers a huge variety and diversity.  

  • Attractive branding options:

The motive and motto of Custom shoe boxes, Wholesale, China is to provide the customers with unique and high-end quality products which are the fundamental basis of our brand. This brand is the name of uniqueness and divergent products.

  • In-house manufacturing:

High-quality products like custom shoe boxes are manufactured in factories by our professionals who do not make any mistakes because they are experienced and experts.

  • Latest Designs & Eco-Friendly:

Latest and modern technology like 3D technology and environmentally friendly materials of the custom shoe boxes is the reason for the rapid progress of Custom shoe boxes, wholesale, China.  

Why Choose Custom Shoe Boxes gift box wholesale Manufacturer China

  • Excellent manufacturing:

    We assure our customers the quality and no compromise on the quality because we  give our best. The deluxe manufacturing and all the processes we go through while making the custom shoe boxes is seen and observed by our professionals.

  • Sturdy in – attractive out:

    Custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer, Chine boxes are nice-looking but durable. They are sturdy and cannot collapse because of their rigidness.  

  • Free custom design:

    Our professionals make sure of the free designs which are customized and shared by our worthy customers. They keep in mind all the specifications given by our clients.

  • Innovative and High-tech designs:

    High technology machinery and innovative designs are either provided by our customers or our professionals make them on their own keeping in view the best quality and services we promise to provide.

How We Work With You

Custom packaging box manufacturing is done with the help of the latest machines and experts’ excellent designs.


The designs which are made by our professionals are always according to the needs of our clients and match the descriptions given by them. All of the designs are approved by our professionals before further proceeding.

Prepare Materials

After the design is finalized by our designers, it is time to choose the material of the shoe boxes.

Settle Materials

Materials of the boxes is then placed for settling and ready to be moved on to the next step.

Shape Mould

Printing plates is the next step. After settling of the plates, they are molded into different shapes. All of plates are then sent for the next step which is printing. All this work is done by our designers and professionals.


The next step is printing. The boxes are printed according to themes you selected and color scheme that you chose.


In the end, the boxes are glued together to give them a final shape and touch.

Customize Your Own

Only the idea? We, the rigid boxes factory can customize accordingly.

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Please leave your needs, or show us your artworks with a link.

Still No idea? Here are few Frequently Asked Questions for Custom Shoe Boxes Supplier, China

There are a huge variety of boxes available in market:


Strong and sturdy boxes:

The classic custom shoe boxes can be made of wood or any robust material. There are wooden boxes with engraved embroidery on it.


Rigid boxes are also known as luxurious boxes. The custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale are vigorous, durable, and cost way less than other types of boxes.


Boxes with a lock:

You can buy custom shoe boxes in different and unique styles. These boxes also come with a lock and a beautiful key. You can engrave names on lock and even on the key. These give shoe boxes a classy look with a beautiful look inside out. To add extra beauty to the boxes, you can use glittery ribbons available in different colors.

Shoe boxes can also be called as caskets; being the boxes specifically designed in a pattern for safety and damage proof. These boxes keep shoes safe and intact. These shoe boxes are specially designed to make them damage free and ensure safety.

These shoes can first be wrapped into beautiful glittery and shiny wrapping papers before putting them into the boxes.

It will give them an attractive look.

Latest Designs & Eco-Friendly:

At Custom shoe boxes, China we have the latest and modern design which our professionals design buy using 3D techniques. Because of this modern technique, our products are always unique, aesthetic and error free.

In-house manufacturing:

Custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer boxes are finished on in-house units. It ensures highest and finest quality modern designs without any defects within no time. Superiority of the material is steadfast and trust worthy. There is no compromise on quality.

First-class Manufacturing:

We are manufacturing custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale since decades. While this journey, we ensure that our clients with the high quality custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale in flexibility and diversity. Our manufacturing is outstanding.


Eye-catching and Sturdy:

At Custom shoe boxes, wholesale, China our basic motive is the satisfaction of our customers because we value them and their choices.


Free Custom Design:

There are no extra charges for customized designs. These designs include the printing designs of the boxes, wrapping papers’ designs and logo designs. All of this customization will be free of any kind of additional charges.   


Brand-new and High-tech designs:

Custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale professionals put in their best efforts to come up with new ideas and make shoe boxes look perfect.

  1. There is huge divergence at custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer, China. There are a whole lot of options you can opt to make your shoe boxes look perfect to be gifted to your loved ones on any occasion or event. We love to do customized items because it makes our customers happier and they are always satisfied with our services we provide them.

There are no additional or extra charges for any kind of customization. Our customization includes customized material, customized design, customized color and customized logo. If you want to add any kind of extra detailing like writing a message or a note, we can do that as well that too without any charges. You are welcomed to share your innovative ideas with our experts.


At custom shoe boxes, wholesale, China, we provide you with the best services.

The best choice for custom shoe boxes is the rigid boxes. They are also called lavish boxes because they give a classy look and are best suited for all kinds of items. Strong boxes are preferred and most used because they cannot be easily damaged as compared to the cardboard boxes.

These strong boxes are made up of hard cardboard and cannot be collapsed so easily.

Buying from custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturers, China is full of benefits.

Here are few of the advantages of buying from us:

  1. You can modify size.
  2. You can alter shapes.
  3. You can add any kind of messages or maxims on the box.
  4. You can add any colors or designs of wrapping papers.
  5. You can add extra foam based cushions inside the box if the item is too delicate and breakable.
  6. You can always tell us your choices and there will be no compromise on them.
  7. You can share your new and novel ideas with us and we will with all due respect will acknowledge those ideas and provide you your required custom shoe boxes accordingly.
  8. You can customize color schemes of the boxes or even the wrapping papers
  9. You can always make changes in the gift boxes. You can choose the material as well. It is all your choice.
  10. We have faultless services.
  11. We have professionals for every step.
  12. No product is handed over to the customer without prior and final approval by our experts.
  13. We do not make errors while printing the boxes because we use high-tech 3-D techniques for printing these boxes.
  14. There is a R&D department which double checks the item before being delivered to the customer.
  15. There is always room for changes. You give us the instructions and we act on them and provide you with the best of our product. We respect your choices and try our best to give you the best outcomes.


Custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer produce boxes which are eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

We have a vast collection of materials.

We have all kinds of rigid boxes as well as the kraft papers. These papers can also be changed into different colors of your own choice.

Rigid boxes are preferred because they strong and sturdy inside out.

We have biodegradable gift boxes so that there is no harm to the environment and the ecosystem.

Rigid box is also known as luxurious box because it gives a classy look.

There are wooden boxes which are also available and they look classic and elegant. You can customize wooden boxes as well. You can carve any name of the wooden box in any style of calligraphy. You can change their size and shape according to your choice.

When our customers are looking for eco-friendly material, we always recommend kraft and then rigid boxes.

Kraft paper is one of the popular materials used in manufacturing of the custom shoe boxes. Customized custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer China produce durable kraft boxes for your precious custom shoe boxess. Customized boxes are affordable and open for versatile designs and customization. In addition, the cut-out kraft boxes allow you to display the custom shoe boxes items and promote your brand in more exclusive ways.

The wrapping papers are also chosen which are available in different colors and designs.

The luxurious custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer, China is durable, and with add-on layers, they can keep your precious custom shoe boxes safe and damage-free for a long.

The custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer produces custom shoe boxes in different colors and sizes that fit the custom shoe boxes item.


Of course! It is one of the extraordinary services we offer to our customers at custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer China. We can print your logo on the box or write some message along with it. As per your demand, we also publish thank you or quotes like that on the box. Thus, it attractively offers to brand.


The logo on the custom shoe boxes box makes it more exclusive and provides a personalized touch to the packaging, and provides an easy solution to grow an e-commerce business.

The logo is known as one of the most popular tool to the marketing and brand promotion and we ensure that your boxes can offer you the best promotion you need for your custom shoe boxes, wholesale.


Placing order at custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale is not very difficult. The process to connect with us is easy. You can contact us through call or email us on the address given on our site. Our custom representative is available 24/7 to guide you for your queries.


Yes. Of course, we do offer free samples particularly for those who are buying for the first time. We Paper bag manufacturer understand the concern of buyers. Several manufacturers are working in the industry online, and everyone claims to provide the best product. But, unfortunately, sometimes it happens that you do not get what you have ordered. It frustrates the client that refund or return is a fussy job. Meanwhile, the manufacturer loses its trustworthiness.


To avoid any of these issues, Paper bag manufacturer, China provide a free sample. So, when you book your order, our designers start working on it.

After manufacturing one bag, we send it to your shipping address.


Once you have given a positive nod, the Paper bag manufacturer will manufacture the rest of your order and deliver it on time.

The branding and customize custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale have deep connection and that is why we always recommend our customers to look into it. Here are few reasons


The people are committed to the customized boxes compared to ordinary boxes.


The essential information on your boxes by custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer China and the stylish can say a lot than your product. It makes a connection with your customer.


It creates a positive perception of your company, and unintentionally or intentionally, it increases brand awareness.


When someone buys a sophisticated box with the custom shoe boxes it enhances their final step of purchasing.


It increases the reliability on your product.


The custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer, China believes that when you customize the box it is like showing the concern to your customers and it makes them have a good impression of you and your brand.


Your branding might cost you hundreds of dollars, and not everyone can afford it. The luxurious custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer China boxes are cost-effectively option you can benefits from the simple yet stylish marketing.

Yes. Obviously, it is. The boxes manufactured at custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer, China are robust and durable. The collapsible boxes are usually used so they are shipped in flats. Then packed in corrugated shipping boxes and delivered to your place.

So you can give them shape of the boxes when you are needed to use them.

No, the custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale are great choice from every angle. The boxes manufactured at custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer, China are extremely affordable and attractive choice for branding and standing out from the crowd.

They are flawless and they have a brand name of good and high class quality products worldwide.

Custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer China bags are famous for their aesthetic and practical benefits in all business sectors. We recommend our customers prefer customized paper bags for their brands. Here are few reasons why:

The customized custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale is like appreciation to your customers.

A Thank you note with the attractive box makes the day of your customer and they tend to remember the kind gesture of gratitude and buy repeatedly.

You will get better chances to impress your customer with stylish custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale. The boxes are quite attractive durable and premium quality. It makes easy for your brand to make their firm position in corner of their heart.

With your excellent product quality, enhanced customer experience, and the blend of premium boxes at custom shoe boxes gift box wholesale manufacturer China and your products, you get an upper hand from many on the road of success.

Nice-looking boxes of customized Paper bag manufacturer increase customer loyalty.

People tend to buy more or frequently when they find the final change striking.

Please leave your WhatsApp number if you have.
Please leave your needs, or show us your artworks with a link.
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