Comprehensive Buying Guide for Packaging

An ultimate guide to customizing packaging. Read on to know the guide of material and styles.

As far as buying boxes is concerned, you cannot afford to get it wrong. That’s because the first thing people normally look at when purchasing a product is how well it is packaged. The right packaging helps build up the element of surprise.

As you evaluate your products, the chances are that you feel stuck on how to proceed with the packaging. Luckily, we have compiled a detailed guide to see you through this dilemma. Read this guide to the end to learn everything you need to know about packaging your products.

Different styles of packaging

Packaging normally take different styles, as explained herein:

Magnetic boxes – The magnetic boxes with a luxurious touch are easy to assemble. Their two inner folding flaps reinforce the box strength without struggling with sticky corners.

Folding boxes – Folding boxes with inserts are a reasonable option for packaging your precious products. These boxes are created from corrugated cardboard and paperboard, giving them astounding printing results due to the coated white material in paperboards. They are versatile because they allow you to pack both small and large products. You are also not limited in terms of the kind of products that goes in there, from fragile to robust.

Two pieces boxes – These types of boxes are great because they make it easy to access the precious contents that they enclose. They feature a deep design to hold items with wide dimensions. Additionally, the sturdy exterior featuring rounded edges gives them an elegant look and feel.

Glitter boxes – Just as the name suggests, these boxes are made to glitter, making them a great companion to your products that need attention. The recipient will undoubtedly be drawn to the boxes due to their glamorous look. The packaging experience is more magnificent if they happen to have an accompanying ribbon & bow.

You can customize your boxes

Every shopper normally starts by looking at the packaging before considering what lies in the box. Thus, you need to make sure your branding is top-notch to create the desired first-time impression.

Please remember that a dull branding or one that’s poorly done sends a negative psychological message to your buyers. They will automatically assume that you have a substandard product.

On the other hand, successfully designed packaging featuring high quality and luxurious elements grabs attention. It speaks of the luxurious items that lie within the box and their top quality. Such packaging invites consumers to want to sample what they have never tried.

You should design the packaging understanding that it is your calling card and brand identity. When you get it right on the packaging, you will not have a hard time explaining to your customers your business values. For instance, if you believe in eco-friendly products, you may want to incorporate earthly colors on the packaging. That way, customers immediately tell what you are about before you can even talk to them or read the product description.

Steps to successful product packaging

There are various factors that you need to keep in mind when conversing about luxurious packaging. You need to look into the shape, size, colors, materials, wrapping, and visuals. Always start with detailed research as you get ready to make these decisions.

Step 1: Conduct detailed research

  • Identify your audience

Your audience is the king as far as packaging is concerned. They determine every move that you make, from the design and size to the colors. For instance, if your product targets mainly men, they are less likely to go for flowery and pink colors. Instead, they may be drawn to dark colors like black, colors that are likely to be a turn-off for the women.

  • Define the emotions you would like to evoke

You should ask yourself this important question – “What emotion do I want to evoke when people look at my packaging?” since you already understand your target audience and the product, this should not be a hard question to answer.

This is probably the most important step in the whole packaging process and one that will influence everything that you do. Do not forget that colors have a direct impact on the emotions evoked. For instance, white color is associated with cleanliness, purity, calm, and peacefulness, while black feels classic, serious, and sophisticated. A packaging expert can help you to make the right decision in this area.

  • Consider what your competitors are doing

Do not blindly venture into packaging without paying attention to what is going on in the market. As you evaluate your competitors, also look into the trend. Doing so helps you stick to the status quo when need be. For instance, you may have some consumers who prefer laminated envelopes. Changing this preference may be disruptive and even work against your product.

Step 2: Select your packaging materials

You cannot have successful luxury packaging without considering the materials that would be used to make the boxes. You need to reason like an architect here. A good architect knows that the best designs often come from high-quality materials.

Here is a guide on choosing the materials for your boxes:

  • Paperboard

This is normally used in folding carton sleeves and trays. The coated white material in the paperboard makes it a great choice when looking for astounding printing results. Paperboard mostly works well for hardware items, cosmetics, dairy, food, pharmaceuticals, and retail products.

  • Corrugated

This material is sturdy and works best for fragile and/or heavy items, shipping boxes, e-commerce packages, and subscription boxes. If you plan on sending subscription boxes, this would be a reasonable choice.

  • Cardboard

Considered to be heavy-duty material and is used to make industrially prefabricated boxes. It works best when you want to package heavy goods. The cardboard material is preferred for its thickness, superior durability, rigidity, foldability, and impact resistance.

Remember that creating luxury boxes is more of a practical encounter than a theoretical one. Thus, you should try the different materials available to gauge what best suits your needs. This would form a reasonable foundation for your packaging.

Step 3: Choose a reliable packaging supplier

There are several packaging suppliers, but not all of them are up to the job. Some can deliver good quality work, while others would be a letdown. Consider these factors when choosing the most reliable packaging supplier:

  • Quality packaging

You cannot afford to compromise on the need for high-quality finishing. That is why this should be at the top of your selection criteria. The packaging company that you choose to work with ought to be one with well-defined and effective processes.

At Luxury Custom Packaging, we are all about delivering the best quality products to our customers. We understand the need to stand out from the rest and seek to help you do that through quality packaging. The final product is a result of strict industry standards for top-notch quality finishing.

  • Readily available customer service

There is a lot that goes on during the packaging process, up to the point when you get your boxes. Sometimes you may feel lost as far as how much longer you have to wait for the packages to be delivered. In other cases, you may just have inquiries to make. Without good customer service, you may easily become frustrated.

Luxury Custom Packaging has a well-established customer support desk that seeks to first understand your issue before starting the resolution process. You have flexibility as far as how this support is delivered is concerned. You can reach us via phone or using the contact form on the website.

  • Expertise in graphic design

The packaging company that you choose should have the know-how on the various packaging solutions. They should also be able to deliver different graphical designs to seamlessly cater to your needs.

When you let Luxury Custom Packaging handle your packaging needs, you are assured of expert service. A full-service packaging company like Luxury Custom Packaging has the team to deliver your diverse packaging needs, including graphic design work.

  • Different materials

A good packaging company does not focus on just one type of material. It understands that customers are unique with differing requirements. Thus, they offer various packaging materials so that you choose what works for you.

That is the kind of flexibility you can get at Luxury Custom Packaging. The boxes are made from materials that best meet customer needs. The diverse materials available ensures that customers have limitless opportunities of how the final product looks like.

  • Cost optimization

Packaging is undoubtedly an important part of your business. However, that does not mean it should break the bank. For this reason, you should choose a packaging company that implements cost optimization efforts without compromising on product quality.

Luxury Custom Packaging finds the best ways to keep costs low while creating luxurious packaging. Different areas such as designing, materials selection, product handling, and product shipping are evaluated to ensure the final product is cost-friendly.

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Here are six good reasons why you should choose Luxury Custom Packaging:

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