Earring Boxes Wholesale

 Earring boxes manufacturer, China produces attractive customized earring boxes which offer premium quality and is famous for the affordable and eye-catching boxes which ensure branding and customer engagement.

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Earring Boxes Wholesale

Like all our other incredible collections of customized boxes earring boxes are great boxes use for lots of variety. The boxes are great choices for loops, drop earrings, studs, and much more. You can buy from earring boxes manufacturer, China in elegant styles beautiful colors and modern designs

Eco-friendly Earring Boxes

The earring boxes are available in different material. You can buy eco-friendly earring boxes or luxurious cardboard boxes with decomposable laminations. The eco-friendly range is open for customization and attractive designs.

Customize with interactive printings

Earring boxes are affordable branding of your product. The boxes are available for customization with stylish logo and interactive printing options.

Variety in Material

There is variety of material to choose from for your customized earring boxes. Earring boxes manufacturer, China offer variety in material like cardboard, and paper.


Earring boxes manufacturer, China provides exclusive packaging solution for all types of business and individual needs. There is versatility in material, printing and much more. We strive to offer you best packaging solutions with our eye-catching earring boxes

Shapes & Sizes

Earring boxes manufacturer is open for customization in shapes and sizes. You can buy a perfect size for your earrings. The earring boxes are versatile as you can use them for jewelry box and later on keep your small items in it like USB stick and cufflinks. Different shapes also make them attractive and unique

Eye-catching gift boxes

The Earring boxes are available for customization as appealing gift boxes for jewelry. You can customize them with different messaged or stylish cuts and design. There are options available to customize with ribbon and bows which make them a perfect gift box.


We have all the expertise and latest machines and technology to fulfill your needs. With our long journey of experience in manufacturing and supplying customized packaging you will get best designs and excellent packing boxes. Our packaging and customized support, will offer more chances to make your place in the list of leading brands.

Earring Boxes, China Solutions

You will find all the customized boxes solutions for the packaging of your precious items. With our latest machines and professional designs, we assure you to provide packaging solutions to promote your brand and increase customer loyalty.

We will provide the customized luxury boxes at an affordable rate at earring boxes manufacturer, China. You can contact us for quick quotation and queries. Our customer representatives are available 24/7 to guide you in best way

What will you get from Earring Boxes Manufacturer China?

There are numerous opportunities to buy customized earring boxes. The attractive boxes ensure brand awareness and increase brand loyalty eventually resulting in marketing and increase of revenue. You can get all of these and much more from attractive earring boxes.

Premium quality and design:

Earring boxes manufacturer produce boxes to build a positive image of your brand. Every box we create is manufactured with high-tech designs and durable quality material.


Earring boxes are available in variety and versatility to meet every business needs because not all products are the same and not all the businesses need the same boxes. At Earring boxes manufacturer, China there are options to purchase custom boxes in different shapes, colors, types, and sizes.

In-house manufacturing:

Earring boxes manufacturer boxes are manufactured at the in-house manufacturing unit. It helps us to complete the orders in a most efficient way and we ensure that the earring boxes are manufactured under the supervision of professionals so every box is manufactured with great consideration.

Promote Brand Attractively:

Earring boxes are versatile so you can choose the best possible options to promote your brand attractively. Choose the material, shape, or size and make your brand stand out from numerous brands, A product without attractive branding is hard to make its place, attractive boxes from earring boxes manufacturer, China ensures brand loyalty and increases in revenue.

Affordable and Eco-friendly:

Branding and promotion of business is not an easy task as it costs remarkable amount but worry not. With earring boxes manufacturer you can boost your business with ideal packaging solution. The packaging boxes will increase customer engagement and land more chances of reviews.

Why Choose Earring Boxes Manufacturer China?

Choose us for the flawless packaging solution for your product and brand recognition. There are options to choose from size, types, material, shapes, and printing customization. Every customization ensures branding and product promotion.


The boxes we produce are durable and sturdy. With our in-house manufacturing units and latest technology printing, you will get long-lasting eco-friendly boxes for your business needs

Perfect Production

We are producing customized earring boxes for many years. Earring boxes manufacturer, China ensure to meet all industry needs. Now you have enormous choices from designs to material and much more.

3D Prints

Earring boxes manufacturer, China professionals work on the latest machines and always bring up innovative designs with their expertise. Enjoy the latest high-tech prints and logo on your box and promote with style.

Interactive Packaging solutions

Earring boxes offer our customers expert advice and smart packaging solutions to boost their revenue and increase their brand recognition. Now you can buy the boxes that guarantee your chances of success.

Appealing Designs

Now it is possible to boost your business with attractive and innovative designs. The Earring Boxes Manufacturer China team of experts creates innovative designs using the best technology products.

How We Work With You


Earring boxes designers work on the described designs; in every step of creation, our team keep your given requiremnets in mind and come with the exact designs you need.

Prepare Materials

After finishing the design, the box material is selected. The earring boxes manufacturer, China, use material according to your precise specifications.

Settle Materials

When the design is finalized, the material and design are settled for production. The professional ensure that everything is settled according to the client requirements.

Shape Mould

When everything is approved, and boxes are manufactured, earring boxes manufacturer, China move to the next step, which is printing plates shape and settlement.


Once the plates are settled, the boxes are printed with the defined design. The printing by earring boxes manufacturer is done on latest machinery to provide best results.


Now the boxes are glued together. Some boxes are glued together through machines, and few are glued with hands. It depends on the box type and requirements.

Customize Your Own Brand Rigid Box Now

Only the idea? We, the rigid boxes factory can customize accordingly.

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Still No idea? Here are a few frequently asked questions for Earring Boxes Manufacturer

Earring boxes manufactured at earring boxes manufacturer, China are customized packaging solutions for small jewelry items. The customized earring boxes are ideal for all types of business needs. The attractive boxes make appealing gift box options.


The boxes are manufactured by using different materials like cardboard and paper. The boxes are made from premium quality eco-friendly material or luxurious cardboard. There are options to choose from colors, designs, patterns, shapes and sizes. You can buy from earring boxes manufacturer, China boxes with inserts to keep your precious jewelry safe and damage free. It will let the earrings sit on one place.


The earring boxes can be used for multiple things like keep your USB stick or cufflinks or any other small and precious items. Earring boxes manufacturer can print on the boxes and customize with logo or note to make your boxes look attractive and outstanding.

There are various types of earring boxes available in the market. earring boxes manufacturer China you can buy attractive made from other materials. Here are a few of them:

  • Paper/Cardboard earring boxes:

Paper earring boxes are popularly made with different type of paper and cardboards like corrugated boxes and kraft paper. Rigid paper box has luxurious look with its smooth finishing. The rigid boxes are often used as synonym to luxury boxes or jewelry boxes for their shining smooth finishing. The boxes are used to store ornament, and they come in different sizes, and there are also slight separations to store multiple items.

  • Wood and other materials:

There are boxes available in different materials, like wood and aluminum but at earring boxes manufacturer we prefer paper and cardboard boxes for many reasons. For instance; wood and other materials are heavy, difficult to ship, and every expensive.

We at earring boxes manufacturer deals with paper earring boxes. The packaging boxes are robust and durable and cost way less than other types of boxes.

When customers approach us at earring boxes manufacturer China, they came across lots of options from our attractive variety. And when you did not have anything specific in mind, it is easy to be overwhelmed with such variety. Here are few things which can be considered and narrow down the requirements and buy accordingly.

  • Price:

Make sure you have considered your budget in the process. Choose reliable manufacturer like earring boxes manufacturer, China for economical prices and premium quality material.

  • Size:

Consider the size of the box according to the earring  you are buying; her once again your purpose of buying helps for instance a display earring  box size might differ from the box you want to ship worldwide.

  • Purpose:

First of all, consider why you are buying any earring boxes. It can save a lot of time you spend on shopping as you aim in a specific direction. Choose whether you are looking for individual or business purpose jewelry box? Decide it is a formal purpose or informal? Are you looking forward to presenting some jewelry to loved ones or you are looking to display the ornaments at your display counter?

  • Material:

Choose the material wisely! The earring boxes should contain a soft lining inside so it should not damage the ornaments.  Buying earring boxes with foam insert or customize padding in shapes can keep your ornaments safe and also give it an attractive look.

The cost of earring boxes depends and on variety of factors. For instance, while buying, you choose a design, material, and customization, and everything costs differently. At earring boxes manufacturer, you can purchase packaging at competitive prices.


We prefer rigid and Kraft paper jewelry boxes to brand promotion like an expert, and it does not cost much on your budget.


The other factor that increases the cost is customization. The color printing and some custom designs are charged a few bucks extra. A 2 color print is cheaper than the 4 color print.


The other factor that increases or decreases the cost is order in bulk or single.


At earring boxes manufacturer, China you can buy affordable packaging solutions, and we also do not charge extra on single orders. So you will get retail items at wholesale rates.

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