Case Study: Chocolate Box with 9 Divides

We help an American customer Proceed rush hour order of 9 divides chocolate box


Millions of people consume chocolate worldwide, with majority of them purchasing the chocolates for their loved ones. Chocolate packaging is as important as the milky goodness that lie inside. This becomes particularly true when dealing with a customer who has an observational eye and will only buy your product when impressed at first glance. 

This leading chocolate producing company needed 5000pcs boxes with nine divides in which they could package their tasty produce in 2 weeks. When they reached out to us, they explained that they wanted something that would not only promote the sale of their chocolates, but would also ensure they are well arranged in pieces within the box. We had such a successful engagement on this project that they promised to keep involving us in future tasks. 

The Challenge

Our customer was determined to maintain a leading position as far as chocolate sales are concerned, and understood that packaging would go a long way in helping achieve that. They also wanted to be able to package these chocolates in smaller pieces within the box for ease of consumption. The overall idea was that whoever buys the chocolate should be able to scoop one piece at a time without any challenges.

Having tried different vendors without meaningful breakthrough, the project seemed dead on arrival. That is where Luxury Custom Packaging came in. we listened to them and right away knew what to do.

The Solution

We designed a no ordinary chocolate box with nine divides, with each small partition having a sizeable space for chocolate pieces. We were able to create a box with transparent top that gives customers a quick glance of all the goodies that lie inside.

Without delay, we tested the swiftly and accurately designed boxes to ensure that they met our client’s requirements. Within a few days, we had completed the project and received commendable feedback.

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