Rigid gift box manufacturer

Rigid gift box manufacturer, China boxes are premium in quality and the latest high-tech designs. Luxurious designs will promote your business and provide the better opportunities for branding. We are a rigid gift box supplier and manufacturer, China that offers ideal and flawless gift packaging solutions worldwide.

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Rigid Gift Box Manufacturer

Make your business boost, increase the revenue and reinforce your brand with incredible rigid gift box manufacturer, China. High-quality products are nothing without the right customized rigid packaging solutions. Rigid gift box manufacturer provides you with excellent customization, premium manufacturing and packaging solutions.

Jewelry Rigid boxes

The rigid boxes are an excellent choice for gifting jewelry items. One-piece magnetic rigid boxes are popularly used as jewelry boxes. The Rigid gift box manufacturer offers unique customizations for the jewelry boxes.

Rigid gift boxes for the occasion

Customize rigid boxes to gift on occasions. Hanukkah or Chinese New Year, Christmas or Easter, you can customize the rigid gift boxes according to the occasion.

Customize with logo

Rigid gift boxes are available for customization with a logo. It helps in branding and making your brand part of customers’ lives.

Customize with shapes

Want to make your packaging attractive? Try rigid gift box manufacturer customization of packagings with different shapes and in different sizes. The rigid cut-out boxes are among the popular choices for gifts.


Rigid gift box manufacturer rigid boxes are eco-friendly. From the material to the print and then to the lamination, every step is environmentally friendly.

Custom Packaging Box Manufacturer China

You can choose kraft paper and cardboard for the manufacturing of rigid boxes. You can buy premium quality material for rigid boxes at rigid gift box manufacturers, China.

Your Rigid Gift Box Manufacturer China

Rigid gift box manufacturer, China is working in the industry for more than six years. Our rigid boxes do not only deliver the goods; boxes deliver your brand message and increase customer loyalty.  


We are working in the industry as a rigid gift box manufacturer for long. We have all the expertise and latest machines and technology to fulfill your needs. With rigid gift box manufacturer, China boxes, you will get more chances to fly in the air of success with leading names soon.

Rigid Gift Box Manufacturer, China Solutions

You will find all the customized rigid boxes solutions for the packaging of your precious items. With rigid gift box manufacturer the latest machines and professional designs, we assure you to provide best packaging solutions to all business needs.

If you need bulk for businesses, we provide a free quote, a free sample and your desired customized boxes at an affordable rate at rigid gift box manufacturer China.

What will you get from Rigid Gift Box Manufacturer China

You will get endless choices for customized boxes and get an exclusive opportunity for promoting your business, increase brand awareness from rigid gift box manufacturer, China.

  • Premium-Quality:

            Every box we create is tailored with flawless designs and premium quality material. Rigid gift box manufacturer powerful boxes build a positive image of your brand.

  • Variety and versatility:

    Every business need are different, and every product is not the same too. At Luxury Rigid boxes’ manufacturer China you can buy rigid boxes in different shapes and sizes.

  • Attractive branding options:

    With customization options and endless variety, you can choose the best accordingly and make your branding journey eye-catching and attractive. Rigid gift box manufacturer boxes are attractive option for brand promotion.

  • Fast and efficient job done:

    Make your brand stand in the line of top companies with attractive packaging and get your job done in minimal time. Rigid gift box manufacturer have the in-house manufacturing unit, so once the design is final, Rigid gift box manufacturer start working on it.

Why Choose Rigid Gift Box manufacturer China

          We provide perfect solutions to get your brand recognition. Choose from the wide range of rigid gift box manufacturer for customs, shapes, sizes, and types that fit your business needs.

  • Premium Manufacturing

    We are producing custom printed boxes for years now. Rigid gift box manufacturer, China ensures you provide premium quality boxes for all types of business needs. Now you have diverse options to choose.

  • Rigid Gift Boxes manufacturing

    Custom Jewelry boxes are sturdy and durable from inside and attractive out for appealing features.

  • Durable

    Rigid gift box manufacturer produce boxes with premium quality. We have an in-house manufacturing unit, which is why everything is done efficiently and on time.

  • Innovative Designs

    Now make your business groom with innovative designs and excellent artwork. The Rigid gift box manufacturer China professional team creates innovative designs with the latest technology.

  • Smart Packaging solutions

    Rigid gift box manufacturer, China offers our customers expert advice and smart packaging solutions to boost their revenue and increase their brand recognition. Now you can buy the boxes that guarantee more chances of success.

How We Work With You


Rigid gift box manufacturer designers work on the designs; throughout the creation process, we keep your specifications in mind and come with the exact designs you need.

Prepare Materials

After finishing the design, the box material is selected. The rigid gift box manufacturer, China, use material according to your precise specifications.

Settle Materials

When the design is finalized, the material and design are settled for production. The professional ensure that everything is settled according to the client requirements.

Shape Mould

When everything is approved, and boxes are manufactured, rigid gift box manufacturer, China move to the next step, which is printing plates shape and settlement.


Once the plates are settled, the boxes are printed with the defined design. The printing by Rigid gift box manufacturer is done on latest machinery to provide best results.


Now the boxes are glued together. Some boxes are glued together through machines, and few are glued with hands. It depends on the box type and requirements.

Customize Your Own Brand Rigid Box Now

Only the idea? We, the rigid boxes factory can customize accordingly.

Please leave your WhatsApp number if you have.
Please leave your needs, or show us your artworks with a link.

Still No idea? Here are few Frequently Asked Questions for Rigid Gift Box Manufacturer China

Customized rigid boxes are one the finest choice as gift boxes. Rigid gift box manufacturer China produces rigid boxes with premium quality and unlimited customization options.


Rigid boxes are made with thick cardboard. The cardboard is formed in different foldings and shapes. But surprisingly, with excellent finishing, you will not find visible joints between cardboard and paper. You are free to choose from versatile choices from Lift-off lid rigid gift box or hinged gift box the quality and incredible presentation along customization will leave your clients mesmerized in its beauty.  


The box is open for various customization options; like at rigid gift box manufacturer, you can opt for different papers, add-on layers or inserts, or logo customization. If you want to keep it simple, you can always go for a combination of print foil stamping, logo, and laminations.

Rigid gift box manufacturer boxes are sturdy and stylish. The rigid box is ideal for gift packagings for many reasons. The packaging is sturdy and high-strength, which can withstand harsh conditions of the environment.


The rigid boxes are excellent and smart in quality so that they can be used with a number of products, from perfumes to jewelry and toys. There are options to choose from luxury designs, color combinations, trendy shapes, and much more. It is not easy with ordinary boxes, and not all boxes are open for versatile customization.


The rigid boxes manufactured at rigid gift box manufacturers are according to the international standard and available in cardboard and kraft material, which ensure their durability. The final shape of rigid gift boxes is dependent on material density.


In simple words, rigid boxes are decorative boxes and luxury boxes that are functional and intended to provide practical, decorative, and artistic benefits. The boxes with proper customization can be used for promotion for both private and commercial.

The gift packaging is one of the so many uses of rigid boxes. We rigid gift box manufacturers offer versatile choices for almost all types of gift packaging, yet you can use the packaging for many different uses like:


  • Display boxes: Rigid gift boxes look perfect as display boxes at the shop counter and every retail display showcase. The boxes are printed according to internationally printed standards and ideal to display your products.


  • CBD rigid boxes: CBD products come in a variety, and rigid boxes are ideal packaging solutions for all of those products. Now the items can be packed in a stylish manner while keeping the product safe.


  • Food items: In the Bakeries and dry food business, rigid boxes make great cut-out boxes. The products can be displayed, and you can also give away the gifts without any extra packaging.

Rigid gift box manufacture boxes are available in many types. A few of the types are:


  • Christmas rigid gift boxes: Rigid boxes make excellent Christmas boxes. You can buy any shape and size and customize it with your logo, attractive papers, and necessary information. The boxes keep the items safe and abrasion-free.


  • Jewelry gift boxes: You can buy rigid gift box customized from rigid gift box manufacturer, China, in size that fits your jewelry product. The luxurious look and attractive customization make rigid boxes an excellent choice for jewelry gift boxes. One-piece rigid boxes and magnetic gift rid box is a good choice for jewelry items.


  • Toys: Toys are one of the most common things to send as a gift for your business. With customize luxury gift boxes; you can make them look more adorable for your little customers. Attractive packaging and logo on the box make a good choice for a gift.

Yes, rigid gift box is eco-friendly, at rigid gift box manufacturer; all boxes are made of eco-friendly material.

Here is how our rigid boxes are eco-friendly


  • Material: There are two types of materials used in rigid gift box manufacturer boxes.


  • Cardboard & Kraft: Kraft boxes are 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable solutions for rigid boxes. The boxes are made of plump from a recyclable tree.


  • Ink: In the process of manufacturing, soy ink is used. At rigid gift box manufacturer, all our boxes are manufactured with non-toxic materials and high-quality print.


  • Lamination: Lamination is generally the last thing in the process of lamination. At rigid gift box manufacturer, the boxes are laminated with 100% biodegradable and compostable.

The rigid gift box manufacturer, China is producing boxes to provide all the possible benefits to your business.

The design and quality is something you can never resist and always work to benefit your business.

Here are the few benefits you will get when you purchase rigid gift box.


  • Perfect design: The rigid boxes are the perfect choice for packaging luxury projects, and can be used for both small and big businesses. You can find a wide range of rigid boxes at rigid gift box manufacturer, China that fulfills almost all types of gifting needs. For instance, shore boxes, jewelry boxes and with the magnetic format, and so on.


  • Customize as you want: You can customize the boxes in any way you want. Customize it with your logo or with some information, or customize it to the size that fits your item. The custom boxes at rigid gift box manufacturers can transform the overall persona of your brand.


  • Promote brands: Rigid gift box manufacturer boxes provide you great options to promote your product with their customized boxes. You can use rigid boxes as an event, media kits, product launches, etc. Rigid gift box manufacturer, China support your specific needs and printing requirements to add an exclusive touch to your boxes.

Rigid gift box provide consumer packaging solutions to help promote individuals and businesses of all types. Consumer packaging is a packaging solution in which every product and item is distributed or produced for businesses and retail agencies.

The packaging boxes are used for consumption by individuals or companies for personal and business needs.


Rigid gift box manufacturer, China consumer packaging, is used to serve individuals and businesses to offer every customer the better service. Consumer packaging is used in the market for all types of potential buyers and business purposes.


The consumer packagings are open for customization and promotion of the branding. You can buy premium quality consumer packaging at rigid gift box manufacturer, China.

Rigid Gift box manufacturer always prefer to customize boxes with company logo and other necessary details, and there are many reasons like:


The people are attached to the customized boxes more than 68% compared to ordinary boxes. The essential information on your box from Rigid Gift box manufacturer China and your logo can say a lot than your product. It makes a connection with your customer.

For instance,

  • It enhances their final step of purchasing.


  • It shows that you are concern about your customers.
  • It creates a positive perception of your company, and unintentionally or intentionally, it increases brand awareness.


  • Your branding might cost you hundreds of dollars, and not everyone can afford it. The Rigid Gift box manufacturer boxes can cost-effectively do the entire promotion job. Customize your boxes in the way you want and enjoy all the benefits of promotions and marketing.

Yes, of course, you can. We rigid gift box manufacturer understand the concern of online buyers. There are several manufacturers working in the industry online, and everyone claim to provide the best product. But sometimes it happens that you do not get what you have ordered. It frustrates the client that refund or return is a fussy job. Meanwhile, the manufacturer loses its credibility.


To avoid any of these issues, rigid gift boxes provide a free sample. Then, when you book your order, our designers start working on it. After manufacturing one box, we send it to your shipping address.

Once you have given us positive remarks, rigid gift box manufacturer will manufacture the rest of your order and deliver it on time.

E-commerce businesses are mostly the business with no other presence in the world than virtual world. So, if someone wants to visit you or see your product, the only way is your packaging. The rigid gift boxes manufacturers China boxes are up for attractive customization to promote the e-commerce business.


E-commerce business needs printed packaging more so that:


  • People become aware of your brand and your products. It helps to increase customer engagement and boost the rank of your site.


  • With increases audience engagement, you will get more chances for customer loyalty. rigid gift boxes manufacturers ensure that you get customer loyalty and engagement in cost effective way.


  • Costumer will know about you and the product by reading the information about your product on the box. It increases the credibility of your brand.

The prices at rigid gift box manufacturer, China are economical and budget-friendly. We strive to provide you economical packaging solutions and affordable boxes. The prices may vary depending on many factors like:


  • The material type you choose for your boxes. Rigid boxes are cheaper then corrugated boxes and many other boxes material like wood, plastic, etc.


  • Customized designed increase the price of your packaging boxes. Customization means printing in different colors and design, and it eventually increases the cost; thus, the price increases. But worry not with in-house manufacturing units at rigid gift box manufacturer, China the customization price does not increase much.


  • The quantity of your ordered items also effect the price.


These factors cause the increase of prices still you will find rigid gift box manufacturer economical than our competitors.

Rigid gift box manufacturer are open to any quantity of boxes. You can buy a single piece for individual needs or go for hundreds for your business.

We are a service provider to every customer who wants to buy from our attractive box collection. As we are B2B supplier we supply in bulks but we totally entertain any individual customization needs.


Rigid gift box manufacturer, China recommend that you should buy n wholesale or bulks if you are often purchasing or need the box for business. It will save you time and also you can enjoy a good discount on bulk orders.

Rigid gift box manufacturer, China always encourage their customers that consider few things before buying boxes like:


  • Buy what you need: When you visit a manufacturer like Luxury rigid boxes manufacturer, China you will get lots of options and choices. It will make you overwhelmed and confuse as to what to buy and what not to. The easiest solution is to narrow down your needs. Then, it will help you buy the exact box you need for your business or individual purposes.


  • Rates: Consider the prices and only buy from the places which offer economical rates and high-quality product.


  • Material: A custom luxury box from Luxury rigid boxes manufacturer is the face of your brand, so always select the box which is sturdy inside and attractive outside. It will make a good impression on your clients.


  • Buy from a reputable manufacturer: Buying from a reliable and reputable manufacturer like Rigid gift box manufacturer, China. It will provide you with mental satisfaction. Buying from a reputable place means economical rates, latest designs, premium quality and best customer services.

When you buy custom packaging boxes from luxury rigid gift box manufacturer China, you will enjoy many benefits like:


  • High-quality boxes: Custom gift rigid boxes are high-quality and durable. The customization is meant to offer a good impression on buyers, and a solid box means a solid impression on customers.


  • Brand recognition: Rigid gift box manufacturer, China are the greatest ambassador of your brand; wherever your box is going to travel, the attractive customization will increase your brand awareness. People will know your company just by looking at the box.


  • Increase customer engagement: When people like the experience of buying from you, and tend to visit your business place more often. Therefore, rigid gift box manufacturer boxes increases customer engagement boosts client loyalty, thus increases revenue.


  • Personalized touch: A custom box from rigid gift box manufacturer means you can add a personalized touch to the box. Add a message or something which make the box exclusively yours. It delivers sentiments along with the items to the receiver.

We rigid gift box manufacturer China provide B2B services, but you can also call us for required customization.

We deal from business to business and do transactions between them. The orders are booked from the wholesalers and the buyers can buy from them.


We manufacture the rigid gift boxes and then deliver it to the major wholesalers and retailers, so you can buy from them online or go there personally. But you can contact rigid gift box manufacturer, China through email or contact number for specific customization.

We are available 24/7 to serve our customers. So the service providers are also engaged in B2B transactions.

We are manufacturing and supplying customized wrapping tissue paper worldwide. You will find rigid gift box manufacturer China packaging solutions in every industry and every small or big set-up. When you are buying in wholesale and needed something specific, contact us through the proper channel and our customer representative will guide you in the best way possible.

Free design services mean you can share your ideas, and the manufacturer will design the boxes accordingly. We rigid gift box manufacturer, China, provides you free design services. A custom design idea from a customer means our designer will work on it from scratch.


For customer satisfaction, printed boxes manufacturer designing team happily collaborate with them and bring their ideas out on the paper exactly like people desired free of cost.

You will find endless choices for customization at our site, but sometimes few people do not find it enough, or it does not meet their specific needs.

No, there are not; when you choose the reliable and reputed manufacturer like rigid gift box manufacturer China, you will get the high-quality packaging solutions at reasonable prices. But if you are choosing any random place, then there are no guarantees of quality and designs. You might find the prices are low, but few bucks can cost you the credibility of your brand.


A rigid gift box is the face of your brand, and a commoner will not find the seller reliable or authentic when the face of its brand is not durable or less appealing.

So buy from reliable rigid gift box manufacturer, and boost your business.

Yes, we do offer free samples particularly for those who are buying for the first time. Rigid Gift box manufacturer understand the concern of buyers. Several manufacturers are working in the industry online, and everyone claims to provide the best product. But sometimes it happens that you do not get what you have ordered. It frustrates the client that refund or return is a fussy job. Meanwhile, the manufacturer loses its credibility.

To avoid any of these issues, Rigid gift box manufacturer, China provide a free sample. So when you book your order, our designers start working on it.

After manufacturing one piece of rigid gift box, we send it to your shipping address. Once you have given positive nod, the Rigid gift box manufacture will manufacture the rest of your order and deliver it on time.

Rigid gift box manufacturer, China produces gift packaging solution in affordable and cost-effective prices.

The customization might have effect on the price like when you switch from 2 color prints to 4 color then the rates can differ. But overall, it is not costly choice.

Yes, it is! Rigid gift boxes are luxurious packaging solution. There are many reasons on how it is good for instance:


  • You can customize it according to the size of your ornaments.


  • You can opt for inserts and extra layers to make your jewelry damage free.


  • Customize with luxurious look like from different glowing colors and with stylish logo.


  • Rigid gift boxes are strong and robust and pretty affordable choice of packaging as compare to other packaging solutions.


  • Promote your brand in unique way and stay green with Rigid gift boxes.
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