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Need luxury rigid boxes with the highest quality print work? our custom print boxes are the perfect choice for you!

Your Custom Print Boxes Manufacturer in China

Ours is a dedication to providing our customers with the very best of the best in every service we offer. Our custom print boxes follow this same ideal. We are a custom print box company in China trusted by its customers to always provide premium quality deliverables on every project, ensuring that our customers always get value for every dime they spend with us.


Ours is a dedication to giving our customers the freedom to choose whatever they want. We do not make restrictions on how many boxes you can order from us. Whether you would like to order just one box or you’d prefer to place a batch order, we are always willing and ready to process your order.

Quick Turnaround Time

Think you might need your custom print box in just a little while? No need to worry. We have all the equipment and experience required to get the job done right on time.

High Quality Printing

Our custom print boxes are the height of our printing technology. These boxes are designed with the sole purpose of being aesthetically pleasing and make use of all our printing expertise to get this done, providing our customers with downright the very best printing experience.

Free Design Support

Unsure about how to create a design for your custom box? Reach out to our design team and they’d put you through.

Free Sample

Not sure how your boxes would look once completed, we provide you with one free sample that gives you a feel of exactly what your box would look like in real-time.

Top-Notch Customer Service

We don’t just help with the customization process. Our customer support team is always willing to help out, however they can.

You Luxury Custom Packaging Manufacturer

Get Your Own Custom Print Boxes With Your Brand

Looking for custom print box suppliers you can trust? We are the company to choose. Get a premium quality custom print box specially designed for your brand.

Our Custom Print Box Gallery

As the custom print box suppliers in China, it is our dedication to providing quality rigid boxes and folding boxes that top the market in terms of quality and beauty. Our custom print box collection is filled with only those boxes that fit that standard.

Classic Print Boxes

Fully customizable, these boxes are essentially your regular rigid box customized with nothing but the best printing technology we have to offer.

Luxury Print Boxes

Looking for a print box that gives off that luxury feel? Here’s the box for you.

Window Print Boxes

Want a window box with an outstanding aesthetic feel to it? Here’s the best choice for you.

Square Chest Print Box

Designed to be grand, not just in its size, but also in its aesthetics, here’s the perfect choice when you are looking for packaging that would leave a lasting impression. 

How Custom Print Boxes Fit Your Brand?

Sleek Package Design

Built with aesthetics in mind, our custom print boxes have a sleek design you’d definitely be proud of.

Top Quality Materials

Ours are boxes you can be confident about. Made from materials of only the best quality in the market, we leave no stone unturned in making these boxes the best money can buy.

Truly Rigid

Created with a solid, sturdy build, these boxes are truly rigid, providing the products they contain a level of product protection you can trust.

Premium Feel

These boxes are designed to give you that truly luxurious feel. From the box’s lavishing exterior to the plush, cushioned interior, this box is definitely one that would leave a lasting positive impression.

Free Design Support

Ours is a dedication to providing you with a seamless experience. Our custom print boxes come with free design support, ensuring that you go through a stressless design process.

Premium Crafted and Exquisite Printed Boxes

Built to be the epitome of packaging aesthetics, our custom print boxes are created with an attention to details that leaves no rooms for mistakes or imperfections.

Manufactured By Professionals

Built, designed, and printed by some of the most experienced professionals in the business, our custom print boxes are products of some of the industry’s very best.  

Good Looking Interior, Solid Internal Structure

Ours is a dedication to providing the most aesthetically pleasing custom print boxes in the market. These boxes are not meant to just be outstanding on the outside, they are also taken care of on the inside, ensuring that you get a truly beautiful box, both inside and out.

Unlimited Packaging Possibilities

Looking for brand packaging that doesn’t restrict your brand or its potential? Our custom print boxes are the perfect packaging for you. These custom boxes can be built in any shape, size and style, giving your brand unlimited packaging possibility and the freedom to look truly unique.

Customize Your Own Brand Printed Boxes Now

Share your custom requirement, and our company will implement on your folding carton demand accordingly.

Printed Boxes Products Gallery

Get in touch with our library to see all the inspirational packaging options that you can get.

How We Work With You

Our experience in the production of the folding carton is very vast, and we offer the best folding carton production with the right equipment and process being followed for manufacturing.

Create Your Design

Get our factory’s full low of production video or share your packaging stories with us.

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