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You can now enjoy your ideal custom packaging solutions and printed boxes with the help of a dedicated team of Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China.

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Custom Boxes Manufacturer

There is a full spectrum of customized packaging boxes with expert professionals at our place.

Folding Packaging Boxes

Folding custom packaging boxes are thin and flexible paperboards that are suitable for lightweight products. The paper boxes are available in white and brown colors.

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are the most robust boxes. There are three durable layers of cardboard, and boxes are a good choice for heavy items.

POP Displays

The display boxes of durable quality and intricate designs. An excellent choice to display products on shelves.


Inserts keep your items extra safe. The inserts are precisely engineered to protect your products in style.

Custom bags and boxes

When it is about custom packaging boxes, China the choices are endless. You can buy custom bags, one lid boxes, magnetic locks, and so much with your brand logo on it. There are also options for customized gift boxes with ribbon.

Custom Packaging Box Manufacturer China

We are designed to help the business grow with unique custom packaging. The boxes are equipped to build your business personalized packaging options.

Custom Boxes Manufacturer China

We are designed to help the business grow with unique custom packaging. The boxes are equipped to build your business personalized packaging options.

Our Ability

We are providing custom packaging with the experience of creating branded packages for all your business needs. The boxes are designed to impact your branding and equipping with everything necessary for your brand personalized packaging.

Custom Boxes Manufacturer China Solution

Custom Boxes Manufacturer China brings a complete range of custom boxes of premium quality for over six years. We have the latest machines and professional experience that helps to create industry-specific customization options.

We acknowledge your needs and come with an ideal structure that is necessary for your branding. Do you want to customized gift boxes for business purposes or showcase your new items in POP displays? We have a solution for all packing needs.

Why choose us for your Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China

Custom Boxes Manufacturer are providing reliable branding solutions with attractive and durable packages for over six years.

  • Premium-Quality:

         All Custom Boxes Manufacturer are premium, high-quality. The custom packages can stay on your shelf for a long. The boxes are produced according to international standards.

  • Packaging Solutions At One Place:

    Every business is different, and every need is different. Therefore, you will find all your packaging solutions under one roof at a custom packaging box manufacturer, China.

  • Efficient and Affordable Services:

    Our designs and manufacturing procedure are pretty cost-effective. You can get professional services at budget-friendly prices.

  • Latest and Experts:

    We are a team of professionals and experts. Custom Boxes Manufacturer China produces boxes on the latest machines. With innovation and technology, you will get the best packaging solutions.

What will you get from a Custom Packaging Solution

Custom Boxes Manufacturer in China offers a solution to all businesses. You can brand your business with unique and stylish packages. When you choose, you will get:

  • Excellent manufacturing:

    We built our relations with customers based on our high-quality products at affordable prices. With our strong relations with several brands, you will get high-quality from idea to production.

  • Professional Designs:

    Our experts provide excellent ideas and maximize the success of your business by re-conceptualizing the artwork and design. Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China provides free design services 3D designs, Prototyping, and much more.

  • Never-Ending Packaging Solutions:

    Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China provides you endless opportunities for branding toward success. There are endless options you can select according to your specific needs. Or share your idea with Custom Boxes Manufacturer, and we will work on it.

How We Work With You

Custom packaging box manufacturing is done with the help of the latest machines and experts’ excellent designs.


First of all, we work on the designs according to your needs. Our experts create incredible artwork with the latest technology by keeping your specific needs in mind. Once our experts have completed your design, we manufacture one box as a sample. When you have approved the model, the work on the remaining boxes is started:

Prepare Materials

Once the design is approved, we select the material. Here your specific needs are considered. Every material which is used in production is high-quality and provides durability.

Settle Materials

Material is selected now we move to the next step, setting up the production material according to the design requirements.

Shape Mould

The printing plates are shaped according to the design. All the process is done with intense care, so there are no chances of any flaws.


Once done the boxes are moved to print section where specific designs are printed.


Every box requirement is different; few boxes are glued by machine, and some are glued by hands to ensure the stability of your items.

Still No idea? Here are Frequently Asked Questions for Custom Boxes Manufacturer

We Custom Boxes Manufacturer China are manufacturing and supplying boxes for more than six years. Custom packaging are essential for businesses and individual needs.  A custom box can store your items for a long, and it can provide excellent branding of the product.


You can ship your items in custom boxes.


The packaging boxes leave a good impression on others. In fact, few custom boxes can make all the process of un-packaging memorable.


A unique box is practical in many ways than you can think of. It can be your brand ambassador, and it can also help to promote your business.


It also increases customer engagement.



Custom Boxes Manufacturer are beneficial for both individual and business purposes.   You can buy versatile packaging boxes at a custom packaging box manufacturer and supplier, China.   Here are few benefits of Custom Boxes Manufacturer:  
  • Brand ambassador: Custom Boxes Manufacturer are like a brand ambassador of your business. You can choose a different style or emboss a logo on the boxes, and the shape, color, and design will become part of your brand. For instance, KFC kraft boxes are the brand ambassador of a famous food chain.
  • Select specifications you want: With custom packaging at Custom Boxes Manufacturer China, you are free to choose, style, shape, and size you want for your business needs.
  • Boxes are add-ons: Custom boxes are like add-ons for packaging. The boxes are an excellent way to attract customers and enhance customer engagement.
  • Eco-friendly: Custom Boxes Manufacturer are made of eco-friendly and biodegradable material. It makes you stay green and reduce carbon print on earth.

The Custom Boxes Manufacturer are made to provide easy packaging solutions along with many aesthetic and practical benefits. For instance;


  • The Custom Boxes Manufacturer allows you to add layers and durability features to keep fragile items away from any damage.
  • Custom packaging also serves as a branding option for businesses.
  • The Custom Boxes Manufacturer in China are an affordable choice to ship products from one place to another.
  • It provides an opportunity for the e-commerce business to grow fast.
  • As custom boxes are eco-friendly, you can profit your business without damaging the surroundings.


Custom packaging provides a personalized and unique touch to the product.



Custom packaging means giving a simple box personalized touch to promote your brand and increase customer engagement. When you are using customized packages, people are attracted to it and prefer to buy your items. It increases engagement and revenue. So if you leave using it after some time, there are chances that you might lose few customers too. Here a consistent use of custom packaging is essential.


On the other hand, if you are buying a custom box for your individual needs, like giving a gift to your spouse on some occasion or gifting your children on their special days, then it is unnecessary to purchase a custom box every time.


But a little effort to make your presents memorable never hurts.



Yes, to avoid any issues later, we provide our customers with a free sample. Once you confirm your order, our design team will start working on it accordingly. When the designs are finalized, one box is manufactured according to your demand.


Then the box is sent to your place as a sample so you can check it is exactly like you ordered or not. The Custom Boxes Manufacturer China experts work on 3D designs and manufacture boxes on the latest machines to get the exact designs you have ordered.


Once you have checked the sample and send us a positive response, we initiate the work on the rest of the order to deliver your custom boxes on time.

Yes, it is at Custom Boxes Manufacturer China; we manufacture boxes with eco-friendly and durable material. The material used in manufacturing is premium quality paper and cardboard, which are readily available and affordable.


The cost, though, depends on the types of box and customization features.


For instance, if you buy a kraft takeaway box with extra lamination and layers for color printing. While, on the other hand, you are purchasing a simple corrugated box with minimum customization, then there will be a price difference.


Also, the price can vary when you are buying in bulk or single quantity.


Still, at Custom Boxes Manufacturer China the prices are way less than any other manufacturer. We strive to work for customer benefits and always offer economical prices.


There are many types of custom boxes available at Custom Boxes Manufacturer in China.

There is a difference between types, materials, and shapes; here are a few of the types available at Custom Boxes Manufacturer China:

  • Kraft/Paper boxes: Customized kraft paper boxes are the most popular and durable types of boxes manufactured at Custom Boxes Manufacturer in China. The boxes are eco-friendly and bio-degradable. There are lots of options available for customization. Like, you can choose from colors, designs, size, and patterns. Moreover, you can print your logo or any other necessary information on the box.
  • Corrugated boxes: Corrugated boxes are the most durable boxes available. The boxes are made with three layers of cardboard, and you can ship heavy items in them. Corrugated boxes are also open for customization, like logo printing.
  • Rigid boxes: One-piece rigid boxes are made of premium quality, and with single-piece manufacturing, they are a good choice for fragile items.

Yes, there are! Not only can you choose between rigid or kraft boxes. You can also select according to the shapes, designs, and operating methods.


For instance, you can choose a slide box from rigid and kraft boxes.


Likewise, choose the size according to your products; for rings, you can opt for small packages with open lid designs that are a perfect match to rings. Or choose a rigid box with inserts to keep the fragile items safe and intact while you ship them across the country.

Yes, customization does affect the prices of boxes but worry not about Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China customization options are available at budget-friendly rates.


Also, you can share your ideas, and we can create the design accordingly.

No, at Custom Boxes Manufacturer China, you can buy a minimum of one, and there is no limit to the maximum. But we also encourage our customers to buy in bulk when they opt for customization than standard boxes.


It is because it saves time and saves lots of money.



In any business, packaging boxes are a must part of every product. With customization of boxes, you ensure the branding and popularity of your product.

Here are few benefits of buying from custom cardboard boxes manufacturers China.


  • You can buy the perfect customized box for your specific item. It can be small or large according to the size.


  • The customize jewelry box with thank you card inside to ensure the unique branding of your ornaments.


  • By printing the logo on the box or any specific message, you can increase public engagement in your product. It also increases customer loyalty and ensures more chances of revenue in return.

E-commerce business means you are doing all the buying and selling work online.

Numerous businesses of e-commerce does not have their presence in markets other than the cyber world.

That is why customer loyalty, people engagement, and branding are more important for e-commerce businesses than all other businesses in the market.


  • With customization, you can offer your personalized touch to the products.


  • People will have a memorable journey of un-packaging and will ensure to buy from your rand.


  • Customization, like printing the logo on the box, increases brand recognition which is essential for the success of a business.


  • It is also an affordable method to promote the business worldwide.

Boxes are used to carry items and transport or ship them from one place to another.

Custom Boxes means boxes that are altered or made according to your specific needs. For instance,

  • A custom packaging box is a box that is made in a smaller size than a small universal size so your jewelry item can fit in it properly.
  • A custom box is a kraft box with extra lamination and inserts to keep fragile items safe and secure.
  • A custom box is a corrugated box with your company logo printed on it. So when your product s delivered somewhere, it increases your brand recognition.
  • You can buy a complete variety of boxes from Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China.

Cut-out boxes are Custom Boxes Manufacturer with cut-out at the front.

You can buy customize cut-out boxes from Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China.

The main benefit of custom boxes with cut-out is that you can see what is inside them without opening the box. Here are few other benefits.


  • You can display your products and decorate them in the showcase.


  • You can customize the cut out in different shapes to make the item more appealing and attractive.


  • Cut-out boxes are an extra durable and good choice to keep fragile items.


  • The cut-out boxes increase customer engagement with the product.


  • It saves a lot of time; a complete box with no cut out means you have to show the product by taking it out.

Cut-out boxes are made with premium quality at custom packaging box manufacturer China.


Here are few common uses of cut-out custom boxes:


  • The cut-out boxes are commonly used in the food industry. There are takeaway boxes with windows so you can take a look at your food while keeping it warm until you open it to eat. Likewise, cakes and cookies are saved in cut-out boxes so you can choose and products remain fresh for a long.
  • Cut-out boxes are good choices for jewelry items. You can put ornaments on display without fearing any damage.
  • In toy stores, cut-out boxes are used so children or parents can choose. It also makes products attractive.

When you are purchasing custom boxes, we custom boxes manufacturer, China recommend you to consider few things which are:


  • Find reliable boxes manufacturer: Only try to buy from reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. Custom boxes manufacturer, China ensure that you get reliable custom packaging. We manufacture and design boxes with expert professionals. Our designs and boxes are manufactured on latest machines and 3D printing enhances the beauty of the packaging boxes. Custom packaging boxes manufacturer, Chine ensure aesthetic outside and sturdy manufacturing from inside.


  • Material: Make sure that you have chosen the premium material for the boxes and customize the boxes with intricate and attractive designs. A box which is beautifully designed and manufactured can be part of your decoration items on the shelves. It will also make the journey of unpackaging memorable. Think of beautiful bow on the jewelry gift box the receiver will adore them from core of heart.


  • Customize & Design: Pay attention to the customization process; as Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China is going to be the face of your brad for longer.


  • Prices: You can choose attractive custom packaging and premium quality in affordable rates at Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China.

Mostly all custom boxes manufactured at Custom Boxes Manufacturer China are strong and durable and fulfils all needs of packaging. That is why we recommend them all for shipping. But among s many choices corrugated boxes are considered as best shipping options.


Corrugated boxes are most robust one because they are made with one, two and three layers of cardboard to ensure strength and security. It makes them good enough for the shipping.


The other options to the ideal shipping boxes are papers kraft boxes and cardboard/rigid boxes. The boxes also come with add-on layers to make them stronger and ideal for shipment.


Most importantly the custom packaging boxes manufacturer ship boxes in flats so they stay intact and damage free.



Yes, most of the Custom Boxes Manufacturer you buy from Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China is eco-friendly. Many Custom Boxes Manufacturers are made of rigid/ cardboard and paper known as Kraft.


It is a paper which is recycled form of materials and it originates from tree pulp.


The tree pulp is taken and then run through different process and turned into the shape of paper. The pulp is finely refined and it is originally found in brown color but it can be bleached to give different colors.


The other type of eco-friendly packaging is rigid boxes.


The ink used in the process is soy which is natural material and eco-friendly likewise the material is quite decomposable and lamination is also decomposable and eco-friendly.

Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China is helpful to grow your business with their ideal custom packaging solutions.

A few of the reasons you should buy from us are:


  • Custom Boxes Manufacturer boxes are made with premium quality, which ensures to keep your products safe and secure.


  • You can buy from versatile customization choices and share your ideas with us, and we will produce the boxes accordingly.


  • We are equipped with the latest technology machines to provide the best packaging boxes.


  • Likewise, our teams of designers are professional and expert in their field. They are working with high-tech technology and creating 3D designs with innovative ideas.


  • You will get affordable rates and eco-friendly boxes.


  • We offer free sample and freed design support.


  • Custom Boxes Manufacturer China supply boxes worldwide.


  • Our customer support is always there to guide you in the right direction.

Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China offers you a complete range of retail and e-commerce packaging. Both packaging come with several differences among them few are:


  • E-commerce is ready packaging; you can customize them but under the specific guideline of the e-commerce platform. The e-commerce platform regulates the size, shape, durability, and type of product. The rules are set to ensure the package's safety, efficiency, and protection of the product inside.


  • On the other hand, retail packaging should be proper in shape and size and meet general international standards. You are free to do customization in retail packaging. The primary purpose of retail packaging is to provide safety and security to the product without compromising efficiency.

Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China ensures you provide premium quality products. Yet, there are a few pros and cons you should consider before making a purchase.


A few of the pros and cons are:


  • Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China boxes are affordable; you can buy them under your budget in bulk and single pieces.
  • The custom boxes are durable and sturdy, and it ensures the safety of products.
  • The Custom Boxes Manufacturer boxes are available in different shapes and sizes according to your specific needs.
  • You are free to customize your boxes according to your business requirements.
  • Custom Boxes Manufacturer boxes are an excellent tool for branding and customer engagement.
  • Custom cardboard Boxes Manufacturer offer eco-friendly choices.
  • The only drawback is that cardboard boxes attract bugs and cockroaches, particularly in moist conditions.

So try to dump the boxes in waste and do not keep them in your home for long. 

Also, it is not an issue at places sprayed to control termites and bugs at bay.

Yes, we always love to hear from our customers, and if you have any ideas or designs in mind, we offer free design support at a Custom Boxes Manufacturer, China.


You can share your ideas, and we will customize the packaging boxes accordingly without charging extra.



Buying from B2B methods is pretty common and usual these days. The lockdown scenario had made buying through digital methods is among the safest method these days. We custom cardboard manufacturer China offer B2B services; there are also options to call us for specific changes and custom orders.

We supply to wholesalers and retailers but also deal with the individual customizing orders.

Mostly all custom cardboard boxes are robust and durable. Therefore, all of them are good for shipping. Cardboard boxes manufacturer, China ensure that your boxes are delivered intact. The custom cardboard boxes manufacturer, China delivers boxes in flat. It means they stay flat and damage free. All you need to do is give them the shape of rigid boxes and the boxes will be ready to be used.


Custom cardboard boxes manufacturer ensure affordable attractive boxes.

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