Case Study: Jewelry box with leatherette paper

We help an Puerto Rican customer custmize exquisite jewelry box


Jewelry such as diamonds are forever, unless you fail to pack them properly. Our customer understood that they dealt with very fragile and expensive jewelry, thus the packing must have been one that offers the required safety and security. They dealt with different types of jewelry, all of which needed a brilliant packaging all of which needed a packaging that spoke of the luxurious nature of the jewelry and also kept it safe. That is where Luxury Custom Packaging came in.

The Challenge

Given the high-value product that our client dealt with, they needed a packaging that would ensure the safety of their jewelry remains uncompromised. They needed a box with the right features for safe shipping.

The size of the box was as important as its design. The idea was to have a jewelry packing box that is not too large that its contents kept on hitting the sides during shipping. Even as they looked for a brilliant box design, they did not want something that would significantly increase their total expenses.

The Solution

We were able to analyze their problem and right away knew what to do. We designed a good-looking jewelry box with leatherette paper whose main role was to ensure that the jewelry quality remained uncompromised through bruises. Its smooth and subtle touch was important in giving users a high-end and exquisite feeling.

The leatherette paper that we used in the jewelry box packaging was made of long fiber paper of 100% pure wood pulp. We created an eco-friendly packaging which ensured that our customer would increase sales to environmental enthusiasts.

The black color that we used on the jewelry box gave it a cool feeling, making it perfect for gifting your loved ones. Not only was the box exquisite but also secure as it kept client’s wide range of jewelry products safe.

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